Infection News in the Media

This page features live feed from the Public Health England and Department of Health England web sites. IPS is working with other organisations to establish a relevant live feed to this news page.

Public Health England News
June 23rd
Reports from epidemiological surveillance of measles incidence published in 2017
June 23rd
Annual reports on zoonoses in the UK, providing information on reported cases of zoonotic infection in humans and animals.
January 6th
A national, weekly public health bulletin for England and Wales from Public Health England.
Department of Health (England) News
June 23rd
Mandatory annual reports and accounts guidance for DH group bodies.
June 23rd
Non-consolidated performance related pay for the Department of Health and its agencies between 2015 and 2016.
June 16th
Regulatory provisions for the government’s business impact target to reduce regulation on business.