Standing Committees

Editorial Management Group (EMG)

The purpose of the Editorial Management Group is to work with Sage Publications (the current journal publisher) to manage and develop the Journal of Infection Prevention (JIP) and to advise the IPS Board on publishing strategy in support of the IPS vision, mission, strategic aims and objective.

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Education & Professional Development Committee EPDC)

Education is central to the society's activity and this committee is involved in helping deliver its strategic aims and is undertaking a number of specific tasks as well as linking with each of the society's branches. 

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The Research & Development Committee (R&D)

The IPS Research & Development Committee works to fulfil the parts of the IPS Strategy that relate to research. 

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Scientific Programme Committee (SPC)

The SPC is responsible for developing the educational programme for the annual IPS Conference.  This ‘flagship’ event is the largest Infection prevention event to be held annually in theUKand it attracts around 1,000 people to both the conference and the adjoining medical device exhibition. It is the highlight of the IPS annual calendar and it is the ideal place to see much of the work of the society in action.

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International Engagement Committee (IEC)

The purpose of the IEC is to increase the IPS engagement with practitioners and societies internationally through the promotion of the IPS vision, mission and strategic aim and objectives.

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Other Committees

Consultative Committee (CC)

The Consultative Committee provides a forum for members of the Board to consult formally with Branch and Special Interest Group (SIG) coordinators and for the coordinators to discuss and raise issues on behalf of their branch or special interest group. Consultative committee members actively engage in and shape the strategic direction of the society.

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