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Commissioning Toolkit

The Infection Prevention Society (IPS), in partnership with the Royal College of Nursing (RCN) has launched a revised Infection Prevention and Control Commissioning Toolkit.  

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The development and use of the toolkit is supported by NHS England and provides a series of indicators that can be used by Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs) and regulators to focus on preventing healthcare associated infections (HAI) in healthcare settings. Developed by members of the IPS Commissioning Group and RCN, the toolkit highlights the importance of preventing and controlling healthcare infection in general and specifically pneumonia, urinary tract infections and sepsis. 

Publicity around the launch included the following statements:

 “The prevention of infection is a key strategic aim in the UK Antimicrobial Resistance Strategy and vital to the preservation of antibiotic treatment for life threatening infections. This toolkit is designed as a resource for CCGs and regulators to ensure that infection prevention and its impact on patient safety is included in the commissioning of health services for people in England. I would like to thank the members of the IPS and RCN for their hard work in developing the toolkit.”

Prof. Heather Loveday, President of the IPS at time of publication

 “The NHS regional teams will be looking at commissioning organisations and asking them to utilise this document when benchmarking or gaining assurance for HCAI.”

Sarah Turner, Joint Coordinator of the IPS Commissioning Group and a Senior Health Protection Nurse 

“Greater attention to preventing infection will go a long way in saving lives and reducing the risks of antimicrobial resistance developing further. We are calling for NHS England and the Government to focus on two of the most common infections experienced by the general public in order to have the maximum impact. Infections are not confined to hospitals, and can be caused by a variety of bacteria, affecting people of all ages and placing a considerable burden on all health and social care services.

Success will require joint leadership and collaboration between national and local health, social care and public health organisations. A challenge of this size requires a clear, effective national plan of action. This toolkit is the first step towards reducing two serious burdens of infection in England, combatting antibiotic resistance and, most importantly, improving public health and patient care.”

Rose Gallagher, Professional Lead for Infection Prevention and Control at the RCN


Commissioning Briefing Paper - February 2015

With the RCN, IPS  jointly developed a briefing paper highlighting concerns over the impact of fragmentation with infection prevention and control arrangements within the health service in England.  The paper calls for greater clarity on infection prevetion and control. 

The paper points to the complexity that now exists within the health service and the on-going impact of this. Restructuring of NHS services and the transfer of responsibilities following the Health and Social Care Act 2012 has resulted in the loss of some specialist infection control expertise and a lack of central oversight of the situation as the threat of antimicrobial resistance increases. 

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Publicity around the launch included the following statements.

“Quality commissioning to enable high standards of infection prevention and control is as important as clinical practices when caring for patients. Any fragmentation in availability or access to specialist advice by commissioning or regulatory organisations creates a risk that transfers directly to patients. While some progress has been made in simplifying regulatory systems, patients still need to know that this is high on the agendas of those who plan our health system for the future.

 “I would urge anyone involved in commissioning or scrutiny of healthcare to read this document. We hope it will stimulate thinking and allow important questions to be asked about how and where infection prevention specialist advice is provided. This is a crucial pillar in delivering safe care.”

Rose Gallagher, RCN’s Professional lead on infection prevention and control

"Infection prevention and control is crucial to safe care, patient experience and outcome. We would encourage Commissioning Groups to consider the content of this briefing and ensure the specialist resource that is required to deliver the infection prevention and control service is fit for purpose and configured to deliver intelligence, advice and interventions across the health and social care sector, including commissioners and regulators. “This briefing precedes the publication of a Commissioning Toolkit in the autumn of 2015 which will assist commissioning organisations to focus on important quality indicators for preventing and controlling infection so that no person is harmed by a preventable infection.”

Professor Heather Loveday, President of the IPS at time of publication