Submission Guidelines

Abstract Topics

There are no specified topics this year, so please be creative, but you must ensure it is related to infection prevention and control.

Information Required Prior to Submitting

Although you can amend your submission up until the closing date, before submitting an abstract, it is useful to have the following information ready:

  • Abstract Details
  • Title
  • Abstract format (Oral and/or Poster presentation)
  • Details of author & co-author
  • Salutation
  • First name
  • Last name
  • Organisation
  • Email address (please ensure a valid email address is entered here - this is a mandatory field)
  • Main body of abstract (max 300 words)

Character count will vary depending on the application you are using. If you choose to copy and paste from another application (e.g. Word) this may affect the compatibility of the character count. If you experience difficulty when entering your abstract text please contact us.

Poster Display

Assistance with Writing

Would you like assistance with writing your abstract? If you have any questions regarding writing or submitting your abstract, please email us at


Jon Otter, previous Abstract Lead from the IPS Scientific Programme Committee hosted a webinar on why you should submit an abstract for conference, and for some practical advice on how to go about it.

Abstract Examples

We thank all poster authors for their contribution to the Infection Prevention Annual Conference. For an example of abstracts submitted and accepted in previous years, view the supplement of the Journal of Infection Prevention.

Subheadings & Format of Abstracts

Every abstract, whether it is for a poster or an oral presentation must fulfil specific submission guidelines:

  • Word count 300 words maximum
  • The following subheading must be used:
    • Introduction
    • Methods
    • Results
    • Discussion
  • Abstract must be written in a narrative format (not bullet points)
  • Should not include diagrams or references but may contain up to one table.
  • All places, people and organisation must be anonymised within the submitted text.
  • Organism names should be presented using italics - first use should be genus name in full e.g. - Mycobacterium tuberculosis, and any subsequent use should be upper case initial followed by a full stop and the species name e.g. M. tuberculosis.
  • Abstract must be written using accurate grammar and spelling. Poor grammar or spelling may result in the abstract being rejected.
  • Authors and presenters must adhere to best practice in presenting their work, ensuring that presentations are free from commercial bias and based on evidence accepted by our peers. In addition to this, you are asked to be sensitive to equality and diversity issues avoiding offensive language or terminology.
  • All authors of abstracts must declare, at the time of submission, any potential conflict of interest relevant to the poster or presentation being given including any affiliation with companies. In addition, please reproduce any conflicts of interest or state that there are none, on the poster or at the beginning of your slides if your abstract is accepted.

Other submission information

  • Accepted abstracts may be edited prior to publication.
  • posters may be photographed and used for promotional activity through outlets such as social media.
  • The Infection Prevention Society must ensure balance, independence, objectivity and scientific rigor in its educational activities.
  • If you are unsure as to what constitutes a potential conflict of interest relevant to the abstract, contact Fitwise Management Limited Email:
  • Please ensure that the necessary information, consent and ethical approvals have been secured for your work. Please see instructions on the Journal of Infection Prevention (JIP) website for further details.
  • A prize will be awarded during the final session of conference for the best oral and poster presentations. To be eligible for the poster prize, you must submit your poster PDF electronically by the deadline prior to conference.
  • Review Process - all abstracts are blind reviewed, any reviewer with a potential conflict of interest related to any abstract must declare this conflict and the abstract is passed to another reviewer.
  • Your abstract will be judged on
    • Novel concept/original contribution
    • Relevance to IPC
    • Clarity of research/ practice issues/educational issues.
    • Clarity of Methodology
    • Clarity around approaches to data collection/ analysis/ synthesis.
    • Clarity of conclusion and how well it is derived from the project/study results/themes.
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