Infection Prevention Show

Monday 23rd September

10:00am - 4:30pm

Given the enormous success and overwhelming endorsement from delegates last year we are delighted to announce that The Infection Prevention Show will once again be an integral part of the annual conference programme. Hosted by Dr Phil Hammond - NHS Doctor, BBC Broadcaster, Private Eye Journalist and Comedian, this exciting event will allow the audience to engage through the live App voting system with firms and products; discuss the challenges being faced by front line IPC staff and provide a platform to showcase the latest innovative infection prevention technologies and products. The ‘Pitch in Five’ event will be back. We will also introduce a new slot which will allow firms to showcase their products and technology on camera with Phil Hammond on a live feed to the auditorium. We will shortly publish how you can engage with these various events.

Commercial organisations are crucial to the health of the IPS and we especially value the support of our corporate members. The Corporate Affairs Programme provides quarterly Product Surgeries where firms can get expert advice from IPS practitioners; Corporate Networking Days where we invite top speakers to talk about infection related issues and commercial issues concerning doing better business with the NHS.

To help firms get exposure for their products and technologies we have recent launched our new website offering Industry Insights which we believe will become the go-to place for IPC staff to get advice on what works. Firms that are successful in getting a placement on the site get to use the IPS product Endorsed logo - which looks like this:

Keep an eye out for its increasing use to showcase products and technologies that have been endorsed by the IPS.

The Infection Prevention Show will be open from 10:00am to 4:30pm but will form part of the main conference between 10:30am – 12:30pm.

The Product Surgery 2019

As part of the Infection Prevention Show, we are offering HCAI-related companies the chance to take part in an expert-led Product Surgery.

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