Corporate Affairs Group

Infection Prevention Society - Corporate Affairs Group 

The Corporate Affairs Group was launched in September 2016 with the intent of providing a robust and effective foundation upon which to conduct relations between the IPS and its IPS corporate members - and especially to promote membership of the Society to new members.

The IPS Board has consistently acknowledged the outstanding contribution made by corporate members to the well-being of the Society given their support at national and branch levels.

The Corporate Affairs Group provides;

-      exclusive opportunities at the Corporate Networking Days to hear from and interact with extremely well-regarded IPC-related speakers – and a rare opportunity to get so close to world famous names

-      Product Surgeries at which IPS member-Experts provide corporate members with feedback and guidance concerning market positioning, efficacy and product development in relation to their HCAI-related products and technologies. 

-      The ability to steer the Corporate Affairs Group agenda to areas in which a specific firm has a particular challenge or need for information/support

-      The chance to meet and interact with colleagues from other commercial organisations along with IPS Board members and members of the IPS Management Executive Group

So far +600 places have been provided at Networking Days and 94 firms have attended Product Surgeries. Additionally many corporate organisations have taken advantage of paid-for Product Surgeries with IPS member-Experts.    

The Corporate Affairs Group also organise Round Table meetings which allow the Society and its corporate members to engage in discussions concerning important and fundamental changes taking place in the NHS. Round Table events are also organised for commercial organisations as a paid-for service which are in effect private Product Surgeries

What do Corporate Members get?

-      Access and Connect - use the quarterly without-charge Corporate Networking Days to mix with industry colleagues from the HCAI-space along with IPS Board and other IPS leaders/members 

-      Show and Tell - use the Society at branch and national level to showcase products and technology and make use to the IPS Industry Insights web site where we show products and technologies that have been endorsed by the IPS 

-      Listen and Learn - get involved with the without-charge quarterly Product Surgeries providing the opportunity to meet with IPS ‘IPC experts’ and discuss the efficacy of your product or technology along with other aspects of successful selling into the NHS 

-      Private Coaching and Advice - take advantage of the opportunity to have IPS put together experts panels specifically to examine your product or technology in depth and be able to discuss all aspects in a private and confidential forum 

-      Contact and Be Heard - have direct access into IPS senior Officers through the Corporate Affairs Group to give feedback on what works for you and what might be done better so as to optimise the ROI on your membership subscription 

-      Research and Educate – associate with the IPS R&D Group and provide expert advice or commission research concerning your products. Through the Education and Training Group provide support to the IPS education programme or seek advice and evaluation on best practice issues and training materials

-      Tried and Tested – get your technology or products reviewed by an IPS expert panel and if approved get to use the coveted IPS Product Endorsement Logo - for two years – see

-      Skills and Knowledge – use the expert knowledge in the IPS to train your staff in basic and advanced infection and prevention control theory and practice