IPS South West Branch Conference, Tuesday 19th June 2018

Session 1 - Small Changes Big Differences
Rose Gallagher, Professional Lead for Infection Prevention & Control, RCN
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Session 2 - AMR & Emerging Threat
Dr Bharat Pankhania, Senior Clinical Lecturer, University of Exeter Medical School, Consultant in Communicable Disease Control
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Session 3 - Reducing Long Term Catheters - The Community Approach
Elaine Foreman, Team Lead Community Nursing, GWH/former lead for Infection Prevention & Control GWH
Caroline Edmonds, Continence Nurse Specialist, GWH

Session 4 - A Local Solution for a National Ambition
Elizabeth Perry, Advanced Infection Prevention & Control Nurse, Royal Devon & Exeter Hospital
Janet De'Witt, Infection Prevention & Control Nurse Specialist, Royal Devon & Exeter NHS Trust

Session 5 - A Bug's Life (In a Care Home)
Sarah Whittle, Service Lead for Health, Advanced Nurse Practitioner, St Monica Trust

Session 6 - Epidemiological Aspects of Gram Negative Bacteraemias
Dr Charles R Beck, Consultant Epidemiologist & Honorary Senior Lecturer, National Infection Service, Public Health England

Session 7 - Ecoli Targets - Can We Do It?
Martin Kiernan, Clinical Director, GAMA Healthcare Ltd

Session 8 - Using Big Data to Prevent Urosepsis
Dr Rob Porter, Consultant Microbiologist, Royal Devon & Exeter NHS Trust
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