Webinars and Teleclasses

IPS Webinars

Webinars by IPS Members are placed in this section of the website. 

Bringing the IPS Strategy to life - the IPS Board Business Plan

A recording of the webinar presented by Julie Storr, IPS President is available to view below: 

Webber Teleclasses

IPS has an agreement with Webber training, an international organisation which is dedicate to providing the best possible infection prevention and control information, to the widest possible audience, with the fewest barriers to access. Under this agreement IPS members get unlimited free access to the teleclass programme

A teleclass is a live seminar to which people listen and participate over the telephone, or access through on-line recording. The minimum technical requirement to participate in Teleclass Education is access to a telephone and access to e-mail, or a computer with internet access and speakers.

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