Hand Hygiene Torch Tour 2016

IPS Hand Hygiene Torch Tour 2016

Cleaning your hands is one of the most important actions anyone can carry out to prevent infection.  For the past 15 years, patient safety organisations in the UK and the World Health Organisation globally, have been focused on making hand hygiene a routine behaviour in healthcare settings.  Each year on 5th May, the WHO issues a ‘call to action’ that promotes hand hygiene globally.  In 2016  IPS supported this call to action through a Hand Hygiene Relay involving the transfer of a torch baton around the UK and Ireland.  The Hand Hygiene Torch Tour launched on 5th May 2016 in each of the UK capital cities, London, Edinburgh, Cardiff, Wales and Belfast; in Dublin the Republic of Ireland and in Malta to engage the Society’s international membership.  

The aim of the torch tour was to:

  • Raise awareness of the importance of hand hygeine among the general publc
  • Partner with other healthcare infection and patient organisations to highlight the annual World Health Organisation 'Clean Your Hands' call to action for healthcare workers globally.

The tour launched on 5th May and visited each of the Uk's capital cities, London, Edinburgh, Cardiff and Belfast; InDublin the Republic of Irealand and in Malta to engage with the Society's international membership.

Each IPS Branch organised public facing local events to co-incide with the Torch's arrival including events at

  • Shopping centres
  • Schools and colleges
  • Local fetes or country shows
  • Sports events

The torch also traveled with IPS board members to international meetings during the torch tour period including IPAAC (canada) APIC (USA) and ICNJ (Japan).

Listen to a few words from IPS patron Professor Didier Pittet about the IPS Hand Hygene Torch Tour 2016 

In a second video on our Resources page, Professor Didier Pittet talks about the importance of hand hygiene including: IPS Hand Hygiene Torch Tour 2016 (#IPSTorchTour16), the WHO's Hand Hygiene Day, Clean Care is Safer Care, Save lives, clean your hands and #safesurgicalhands campaigns. 


And finally, we hear from Michael Borg about the #IPSTorchTour16 in Malta