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The IPS IV Forum Webinar Series Spring 2021 - a series of seminars aimed at IPS members and interested non-members

There are monthly webinars taking place on zoom - all are available for IPS members and non-members. The schedule below shows the planned forums but these are subject to change due to the uncertainties caused by the COVID-19 pandemic (though the time and date is fixed). 

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Theme: Vascular access challenges surrounding Covid 19

Date: January 13th 2021 16.30 - 18.00, 


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The Practical Challenges attached to line insertion during the pandemic

Andrew barton 

Frimley Health NHS Foundation Trust and chair of NIVAS


Linking evidence to practice


Evonne Curran 

Nurse Consultant at Infection Control Nurse Consultancy

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heme: Challenges at the Nightingale Hospitals

Date: February 11th 2021 16.30 - 18.00



Infection Prevention in unfamiliar settings: The use of temporary hospitals in a pandemic.                                             







Martin Kiernan

Visiting Clinical Fellow, Richard Wells Research Centre, University of West London 

Martin  has worked in infection prevention and control for 28 years in a variety of settings. He is a Visiting Clinical Fellow at the Richard Wells Research Centre at the University of West London and Clinical Director of GAMA Healthcare, where he is responsible for clinical research and education. Prior to this he was Nurse Consultant and Deputy Director of Infection Prevention and Control at Southport and Ormskirk NHS Trust in the North-West of England. In 2020 he worked as an Infection Prevention specialist at the London Nightingale Hospital at the request of NHS England.

Martin was a member of the Department of Health (England) advisory committee on antimicrobial resistance, prescribing and healthcare-associated infection for ten years, is a past president of the Infection Prevention Society and led the scientific committee for the Healthcare Infection Society international conferences in 2014, 2016 and 2018.

His research interests centre on environmental hygiene, healthcare-associated pneumonia and urinary catheter-associated infections. He has presented at many international conferences, has published over 50 papers and articles in peer-reviewed journals.

Experience delivering vascular access during the pandemic







Rose McGuire 

Intravascular Practitioner at King's College Hospital NHS Foundation Trust

Rose started her NHS career as a healthcare assistant in 2000 and subsequently gained a Diploma in Nursing from Kingston University in 2006, followed by a BSc First Class Honours in Nursing Practice from King’s College London 2014. Over the years she has worked in different clinical settings including Neurology, Neurosciences and Infection Prevention and Control as it relates to IV devices; the last 9 years as a Vascular Access Nurse at King’s College Hospital.

In 2013/14 she set up the Vascular Access service at the King’s Princess Royal Hospital which includes bedside PICC insertion utilising ECG technology. Rose has been involved in and lead on several successful cost saving initiatives including the implementation of clinically indicated removal of PVCs in 2017.

Rose is passionate about the insertion, care and maintenance of IV devices and utilise best available evidence to set and maintain standards through training and education. She has published several journal articles.

Theme: Vessel Health and Preservation

Date: March 16th 2021 16.30 - 18.00

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UK Vessel Health and Preservation (VHP) Framework: Updated VHP 2020  

Dr Andrea Denton

Independent Nurse Consultant

Having worked for over 35 years as a nurse, Andrea is currently an Independent Nurse Consultant (infection prevention, education and training). The role incorporates amongst others external audit work reviewing national and local educational IPC material and consultancy work with independent companies. I am also an Independent End Point Assessor, for health care apprenticeship roles and work on a voluntary basis (honorary contract) at a local Trust as an Infection Prevention and Control Advisor.

Andrea is an active member of Infection Prevention Society (IPS) and communications officer/secretary for the Yorkshire Branch of the IPS, having previously been the Education and Professional Development Co-ordinator (EPDC) and an IPS Board member. Throughout her time in the IPS she was involved in developing, reviewing and endorsing educational material, updating national IPC competences as well as research projects and grant awards. Andrea is also an active member of IPS subgroups; VHP (vessel health preservation) and DRIPP (device related infection prevention practices), exploring and developing resources to improve vascular access.


VHP framework implementation: a personal experience

Chris Potter

Advanced Vascular Access Practitioner

Elaine Scannell

Infection Prevention & Control Nurse

Both working for North Bristol NHS Trust a 1000 bed Major Trauma Centre of the South West.


Chris qualified in 2005 as an Operating Department Practitioner and spent the first 11 years working as an Anaesthetic Assistant. In 2016 Chris was appointed as the Advanced Vascular Access Practitioner and has set up and led the vascular access service placing Midlines, PICC’s, acute CVC’s and Tunnelled Catheters. Working towards his Masters in Advanced Practice, he is passionate about developing individual practitioners to be promoters of vessel health, cascading a model of excellence and expertise through the standardisation of products and guidelines relating to vascular access.


Elaine qualified as a registered nurse in 2005, spending the next 13 years in three Level 3 NICUs. Having chosen to study change management and leadership, she used that knowledge to implement instrumental change programmes within those teams. Having completed a Masters module in Bacterial Infections in 2017, she joined the NBT IP&C team in 2019 to pursue her passion in reducing healthcare associated infection and improving patient outcomes by enabling staff on the ground to easily access evidence based resource and tools. Elaine is focussed on ensuring standardised evidence based practice across the trust, accounting for the variations and specialist nature of each ward, enabling change by removing barriers to practice through consideration of the activity and pressures at the point of care.



Theme: Reducing Vascular access complications

Date; April: 21st 2021 16.30 - 18.00, 

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Defining vascular access teams

Andrew Jackson

IV Nurse Consultant, The Rotherham NHS Foundation Trust.

35 years working in the NHS, England. Twenty-five years in vascular access. Splitting my time between direct clinical care, education, research and leadership. Developing new processes e.g. VIP Score (1996), Vascular Access Team (2001) and Integrated OPAT service (2012). Sharing best practice. Ensuring evidence is put into practice. Improving patient outcomes. Delivering on the patient safety agenda. Also, Director of IVTEAM.com a free online service that provides IV updates without any subscriber or financial related restrictions.


3 Ps  to MARSI: A Case Study

Maya Guerrero

Clinical Specialist, NHS SC - Clinical Collaboration Team, Honorary CNS- Vascular Access, Oxford University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, Frimley Health NHS Foundation Trust.

Maya is currently a Clinical Specialist Lead for the Clinical Collaboration Team of the NHS Supply Chain. She has worked as Deputy Lead Clinical Nurse Specialist for Vascular Access & IV Therapy (Frimley Park Hospital), which enabled her to gain a whole wealth of experience and expertise within the field. She has delivered presentations both National and International Conferences and has published articles in the British Journal of Nursing and Journal of Kidney Care. Also, as a guest Blogger for the Australian’s Alliance for Vascular Access Teaching and Research (AVATAR).

Maya keeps herself clinically up to date and takes pride as an Honorary Specialist Practitioner at the Oxford University Hospitals NHS Trusts and a Visiting CNS at Frimley Health NHS Foundation Trust. In her spare time, she supports the Filipino Nurses Association as a Regional Board Director.

Maya has Bachelor of Science Degrees, in Nursing and Physical Therapy. She also received her BSc in Clinical Practice with Honours and currently studying for a MSc in Healthcare Practice at the University of Surrey. Maya has also obtained her post- graduate qualification as an Independent/Supplementary Nurse Prescriber.

Theme: Human Factors and Proficiencies in Vascular Access

Date: May: 20th 2021 16.30 - 18.00, 

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To be confirmed

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Theme: Prevention of vascular access blood stream infections

Date: June: 24th June 2021 16.30 - 18.00, 

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