IPS IV Forum Webinar Series 2023


2023 IV Webinar series.

The successful and well evaluated series of  IV Webinars 2023 have come to an end. Dates for 2024 webinars will be advertised later in the year.

Please see below recordings from previous webinars.



21st February 2023

Theme: Sustainability


Kindly supported by :  Vernacare

Speaker 1 : Angela Hayes

Session Title: The Climate Crisis: Am I bothered?

Bio: Angela is a Clinical Nurse Specialist employed within Specialist Supportive and Palliative Care at The Christie Foundation Trust in Manchester. She has a background in Intensive Care, Management and Teaching. She leads on Corneal Donation in her Trust.

Angela is also a Climate Change activist – both at home and in work. She is passionate about the environment and getting the Climate Crisis health message out to other HealthCare Professionals – presenting on this subject both inside and outside her hospital. Carbon Literate, and one of 4 Carbon Literacy trainers, she leads on ‘Clinical’ Sustainability in her Trust, and received a prize for her sustainability work in the Best Social Responsibility Programme category at the Nursing Times Workforce awards.

Speaker 2 : Lorraine Williams

Session Title: Picture This

Bio: I am working as the Deputy Director of Infection Prevention and Control (IPC) and Lead Nurse at East and North Hertfordshire NHS Trust, where I have the honour of leading a dedicated team of IPC Practitioners and working with a committed multidisciplinary staff group throughout the Trust. I have nursing experience as an endoscopy nurse, amongst other disciplines, and have a gained a teaching qualification along the way. I strongly believe in lifelong learning, wide collaboration, and embracing diverse thinking; and completed my MSc in IPC during the COVID19 pandemic at the University of West London, under the tutelage of Professor Jennie Wilson, where I have the privilege of being an Honorary Lecturer. 

I am a Mary Seacole NHS Leadership Academy graduate and a Florence Nightingale Foundation Alumni, which I wear with pride. This has provided me with valuable insights into working with others, in a complex environment to achieve safe care; pursuing the eradication of avoidable infections is a firm passion.

See the recording of this webinar:

29th March 2023

Theme: IVOS

Kindly supported by : Iskus Health

Speaker 1 : Val Weston

Session Title: IVOS: what does this mean for vascular access?

Bio: Valya is a registered nurse, and has worked both in the UK and the US. For the past 17 years Valya has worked within the fields of Infection Prevention and Control and Tissue Viability, both in the private sector and in the NHS. Valya has a BSc in Professional Practice and an MSc in Clinical Leadership. Valya has been an active member of the Vessel Health and Preservation (VHP) group, which is a major project to explore the concept of Vessel Health & Preservation (VHP) for use in the UK and is working collaboratively with the Royal College of Nursing and the National Infusion and Vascular Access Society. She also leads on the development of an IV passport.

Currently she is working at NHS England as a National Infection Prevention and Control Improvement Lead. Valya has a keen and proactive interest in working with other healthcare specialities to reduce the incidences of healthcare acquired infections and promote patient safety.

Speaker 2 : Dr Kieran Hand

Session Title: IVOS: what is it and why is it important?

Bio: Dr Kieran Hand heads up the Antimicrobial Prescribing & Medicines Optimisation Workstream of the AMR Programme in NHS England, as the national pharmacy and prescribing clinical lead.  Kieran  worked as a specialist microbiology pharmacist in NHS hospitals for 17 years and as the chief pharmacist of an acute hospital Trust for 2 years.  He led the team in University Hospital Southampton that developed the MicroGuide app.  He has previously served on the Council of BSAC, the NICE Managing Common Infections guideline committee and the APRHAI scientific advisory committee.  Kieran is an honorary associate professor at the University of Southampton with a research interest in decision-support for antimicrobial prescribing.

See the recording of this webinar:

9th May 2023

Theme : Introducing change

Kindly supported by : BBraun

Speaker 1 : Andrew Barton

Session Title: to be confirmed

Bio: Andrew is the nurse lead at Frimley Health NHS Foundation Trust where he manages a unit with a team of specialist nurses on multiple sites who provide intravenous day unit infusion services and the nurse led vascular access service. Andrew has extensive experience in placing all vascular access devices including PICC and Implanted PORTS. 

Andrew is well published in journals, undertakes regular research projects and has spoken internationally in 23 countries about his clinical practice. 

Andrew also chairs the National Infusion and Vascular Access Society (NIVAS) of the UK, an organisation which aims to support and guide national evidenced based best practice in IV therapy and vascular access and offer a network to vascular access teams across the UK.


Speaker 2 : Glynis Bennett

Session Title: Patient Safety: Implementing products to improve IV practices

Bio: Deputy Director of IPC at W Herts NHS Teaching Hospital. Worked and Lead Teams across a number of different organisations within IPC, with a clinical background in Medicine and Emergency Care. Interest vascular access and set up of a community team facilitating discharge from hospitals requiring IV therapy.


Committed to making IPC practices manageable with current NHS pressures and supporting staff using new thinking and ideas to protect patients from avoidable infections.  Working together and sharing ideas is key to ensuring that patients remain safe, and we support staff.

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20th June 2023

Theme: Vessel health and preservation 

Kindly supported by : Telefex

Speaker 1 - Dr Nancy Moureau

Session Title : Vessel Health and Preservation: Selection, Insertion, Management and Evaluation

Bio : Dr. Nancy Moureau is an internationally recognized speaker, researcher, and expert in vascular access practice and an active clinician performing ultrasound-guided vascular access insertions. A nurse for more than 30 years, Nancy is the owner and CEO of PICC Excellence, an online education provider.

A supporter of training and competency assessment for invasive procedures, Nancy and her team at PICC Excellence have established the only PICC Certification process, Certified PICC Ultrasound Inserter and Certified Neonatal PICC Inserter, where those who meet qualifications gain the credentials CPUI. Nancy is a resource and mentor to many and can be reached through nancy@piccexcellence.com 


See the recording of this webinar:

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