IPS Resources by Competency

IPS Competencies Framework

The IPS Competencies provide a framework that defines the knowledge and skills required to perform the role of an IPC practitioner.  For practitioners new to IPC, the IPS Competencies are recommended as a guide to inform your professional development. For more experienced practitioners they provide a framework that will enable you to identify gaps in knowledge and skills and demonstrate your competence as an IPC expert. 

To support IPC practitioners to complete their IPS competencies the Education and professional development committee (EPDC) map all IPS resources to the competency framework. If you click on Core Competencies or one of the four domains you will find resources that will help you develop the required knowledge and skills to demonstrate you are competent. 

– Core Competence (CC)
 Clinical practice (CP)
– Education (ED)
– Quality improvement and research (QR)
– Leadership and management (LM)

The Education and Professional Development committee review and add new and relevant resources to each Domain on a regular basis. The resource has been mapped against a particular domain based on what competency statement is most aligns with; it is noted some resources can mapped against the other domains as well.

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Core Competencies

Here you will find resources that will help you deliver appropriate and effective information, advice and guidance on infection prevention & control.

Clinical practice

Here you will find resources that support you to use surveillance data to inform practice and develop evidence-based policies and guidelines. You will also find information in relation to the built environment and clinical equipment.


Here you will find resources on developing your own knowledge and skills in infection prevention & control and responding to the learning needs in others and different educational  strategies. 

Quality Improvement &Research 

Here you will find resources on improvement methodologies and using research to inform clinical practice. You will also find resources on antimicrobial resistance and stewardship.

Leadership & Management  

Here you will find resources on leading and managing strategies to prevent and control infection and how to develop and lead a high-quality infection prevention and control team and services.


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