IPS Speaker Maya Guerrero


Clinical Specialist, NHS SC - Clinical Collaboration Team, Honorary CNS- Vascular Access, Oxford University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, Frimley Health NHS Foundation Trust. 


Maya is currently a Clinical Specialist Lead for the Clinical Collaboration Team of the NHS Supply Chain. She has worked as Deputy Lead Clinical Nurse Specialist for Vascular Access & IV Therapy (Frimley Park Hospital), which enabled her to gain a whole wealth of experience and expertise within the field. She has delivered presentations both National and International Conferences and has published articles in the British Journal of Nursing and Journal of Kidney Care. Also, as a guest Blogger for the Australian’s Alliance for Vascular Access Teaching and Research (AVATAR).

Maya keeps herself clinically up to date and takes pride as an Honorary Specialist Practitioner at the Oxford University Hospitals NHS Trusts and a Visiting CNS at Frimley Health NHS Foundation Trust. In her spare time, she supports the Filipino Nurses Association as a Regional Board Director.

Maya has Bachelor of Science Degrees, in Nursing and Physical Therapy. She also received her BSc in Clinical Practice with Honours and currently studying for a MSc in Healthcare Practice at the University of Surrey. Maya has also obtained her post- graduate qualification as an Independent/Supplementary Nurse Prescriber.