IPS Strategic Plan and Strategy

IPS Strategic Plan 2021 – 2024 

A strategic plan is essential to ensure that we have a clear direction for the Society and have identified key actions and timescales that enable us to achieve our goals.  As with many other organisations, the pandemic has had a major impact on how we do things and has made us think about how we need to do things differently in the future.  We are helped in this by the new management structures that we introduced last year and a key goal for us is working with our expert Board of Trustees to enhance our oversight and governance systems.  We have refreshed our vison and mission, set some clear goals for the Society and developed a coherent and structured plan for how we will achieve them.  The plan outlines 4 key success areas that describe the core functions of IPS and identify the areas of activity we will focus on over the next 3 years:

IPS Vision
To be a leading influence on IPC practice at a local, national and international level by 2024.

IPS Mission
To inform, promote and sustain evidence-based infection prevention policy and practice to create a health and care system where no person's health and wellbeing is harmed by preventable infection.

Strategic Plan 2021-24 - Success Areas

Influencing and shaping infection prevention & control
This includes developing and implementing plans to increase our influence at a national level and build collaborations with other professional and commercial organisations. 

High quality, innovative and relevant outputs
In addition to delivering our annual conference and branch study days we will be focusing on building a new Learning Platform as part of the website.  This will host the competency assessment framework and the credentialling system, and we will be organising and building educational resources linked to a defined IPC curriculum. 

Internal and organisational system performance
This includes actions to support the efficient management and Governance of the Society and ensure we balance our income and expenditure.

Delivery against operational target and sustainability
We will review the opportunities and threats to the Society and improve our systems for business planning and monitoring progress against targets.

To view the IPS Strategic Plan 2021 - 2024 - CLICK HERE

IPS Financial Strategy 2021 - 2024

This document sets out the Society’s Financial Strategy for 2021 to 2024. Its purpose is twofold:

  • To ensure that the Society is managed in such a way that its long-term financial health is secured; and thereby
  • To ensure that all resources are directed towards achievement of the Society’s charitable objects and key aims whilst recognising the context in which the Society operates.

To view the IPS Financial Strategy 2021 - 2024 - CLICK HERE