Managing the risk of COVID-19 in healthcare settings - NHSE and IPS collaboration


IPS has worked collaboratively with NHSE England/improvement to develop the first of several videos that aims to translate national guidance on IPC for COVID-19 into information that is readily accessible to busy healthcare workers.


This short, animated video explains how COVID-19 is transmitted by both direct and indirect routes and the importance of close contact in facilitating transmission.  It then illustrates how the hierarchy of controls is used to reduce the risk of COVID-19 spreading in healthcare settings.  It explains how each level of control - elimination, substitution, engineering and administrative controls and PPE are applied to preventing transmission of the virus, for example using testing to identify and segregate people with infection, applying social distancing and improving ventilation in clinical areas.  It also explains the importance of using PPE appropriately when in close contact with people with COVID-19. 

The video is aimed at a broad range of clinical staff and communicates the key information in an interesting and eye-catching way.  We have plans to develop other similar videos to cover other aspects of IPC in more details, we are currently working on one explaining the use of PPE. Watch this space!



NHSE have some other helpful resources aimed at supporting excellence in infection prevention and control behaviours on their Every Action Counts site:

IPS issued the following press release following the launch of the video.

Press Release:  For immediate release

The Infection Prevention Society is pleased to have collaborated with NHS England and NHS Improvement in developing this educational video on managing the risk of COVID-19 in healthcare settings. 

Hierarchy of Controls: how to keep yourself and others safe from COVID-19 -  To access the video see: Managing Covid Risk

The aim of the video is to translate national infection prevention and control guidance into readily accessible information, enabling healthcare staff to understand and put into action the right measures to prevent transmission of COVID-19. The video is focused on the Hierarchy of Controls, including engineering, administrative and PPE controls, and how these need to be applied in healthcare settings to protect both staff and patients from COVID-19.  It uses animation to convey the key principles underpinning the IPC guidance in a simple but informative way. 

Prof Jennie Wilson, IPS President said ‘Adhering infection prevention and control guidance for COVID-19 is critical to assuring the safety of both patients and staff but healthcare staff often have little time to read long complex documents.  This video is an ideal way for staff to find out about the key principles in a quick and accessible way’  


Notes for Editors:  Date of Issue:  22 March 2020

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