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Audits for Crisis Prevention Houses and other Bedded community settings

Hi all, does anyone use a specific audit tool for Crisis Prevention houses or any other bedded community settings? We have a mental health IPC annual audit tool but primarily for inpatient settings and would be helpful to benchmark with other MH trus...

Waste bins in shared bathrooms/en-suites

Does any trust use non foot operated waste bins. a number of patients have had falls in bathrooms attempting to use foot pedal to dispose of waste. just reaching out to ask.

Theatre Audits

Does anyone have a theatre audit template they'd be happy to share please? Including hand hygiene. 

hand hygiene in theatres

Does anyone here carry out hand hygiene audits within their theatre settings?  If so, how is this conducted/managed and actioned? 

Medical Silicone Pessary Fitting Kits Cleaning and Decontamination

I am a Women's HEalth phsiotherapist in the UK London. I am trying to establish and put together what seems to be a first for healthcare. So as Pelvic Health Physio's we help women with intimate issues such as vaginal organ prolapse. We can offer the...

Rhizotomy procedure

Could someone please advise whether there are any recommendations for the rhizotomy procedure? Any recommendations for procedure settings, ventilation, standards, etc.

Outpatient Hysteroscopy

Can anyone point me in the direction of the best available evidence for IPC in OPH please? Is it still a scrubbed-in/sterile procedure if performed outside of the theatre environment (thinking air change requirements etc)? 

TOR link nurse meetings

Hi does anyone have a TOR for holding link nurse meetings, I could look over at all please? 

Interesting IPC vacancy: Sustainable IPC coordinator

Gloves off campaign- what worked/ didnt for your trust?

Hi allOur sustainability group has officially launched a QI gloves off project this is something we have attempted in various forms previously, but never as a large QI project trust wide. I am aware gloves use  is a very complex behavioural chan...