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Infection Prevention and Control Link Practitioner Resource Book

Dear All,I am looking to develop a IPC handbook/workbook for our link practitioners  and was wondering if any other teams had already developed a resource that they would kindly share with me.  Thank you for your help in advance. Kind regar...

Disinfection of reusable gum elastic bougies

Wonder if there is anyone who has experience on disinfection of bougies used during difficult intubation. Has anyone used high level disinfection and how do you keep track of the number of cycles one bougie receives?

IPC for contractors

HI Does anyone have any guidance or policies for IPC for Contractors. Any help gratefully received.Regards

Microbiology training

Hi, is anyone aware of a microbiology training module/course suitable for IPCNs (not ward staff) which we can access?  Ideally accessible online. 

Recycle and Reuse of Community Equipment (walking frames etc)

Hi all does anyone have any SOP's they would be willing to share around recycle and re issue of walking frames etc in community NHS settings, rather than dispose after each patient use.  A member of the trusts green group highlighted that she at...


I wondered if there was anyone here who works within surgical site surveillance? We are looking at evolving our team and wanting to ask how others manage theirs. 

Use of disposable sleeves with our muslim colleagues

I would like to understand how managing the use of disposable sleeves could be undertaken without compromising patient safety and the 5 moments of hand hygiene. Maybe you have already set this up and have a good process, or are also considering the s...

IPC Policy

Hello Everyone, I'm 20 years old and I've taken on the role of IPC/Health & Safety Lead for my local GP Surgery. I'm just finalising my IPC policy and I just wandered if anyone would be willing to share theirs to make sure i haven't missed anythi...

UVC/HPV guidance

Hi all, does anyone have any guidance documents on the use of UVC and/or HPV in acute trusts they would be willing to share? Thanks! Jack.o’

Air conditioning - turned off during pandemic (clinical areas)

Dear all.  I have received a query from my acute colleagues regarding 'turning back on' of high wall placed air conditioning in clinical areas - turned off due to re-circulation risk.  Can I ask if other settings have moved to portable/stan...