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Annual IPC Audit Programmes


I hope everyone is keeping well this is my first time posting on the IPS forum. I have 2 questions that I wanted other IPC colleagues thoughts on:
1) With the demands of COVID-19 what are your trusts doing in place of infection prevention and control annual audits? (or how have IPC colleagues gained assurance of IPC practices where they cannot undertakes audits due to the demand of COVID-19?)
2) Does anyone have any short qualitve assurance tools they would be willing to share?

Any responses would be really helpful
Amy Barnes

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  1. Patricia Cattini Jan 28, 2021 04:42 PM

    We have managed to continue some audits on our 'perfect ward' interface. We have focused on things like PPE, cleaning and hand hygiene. For me the main thing during the pandemic has been to be supportive to our staff. I think a softer approach is needed so not seen as critical, more as there to help and guide.
    All the best 

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