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Care Home Reusable PPE

Hi all, 
I was wondering if anyone has heard/ or know of any care homes using reusable PPE to reduce environmental burden? 
I'm aware of some NHS trust, introducing these and just wondering if any care homes have. 


  1. Jeanette Wood Oct 17, 2021 09:20 AM

    Hi Claire, I work in Leeds and do not know of any of our care homes using reusable PPE.  With PPE being currently free from the portal, I think most of our care homes are focusing on using that PPE.  I have not heard of any of the care homes using reusable FFP3 masks either 

  1. Jackie Collins Oct 21, 2021 02:56 PM

    Hi Claire, I work in a children's hospice and we use washable gowns - they are great from a re-use perspective but very hot and sweaty to work in. they have a limited life span of 50 washes I think. I'm not sure which make we use but I'm sure you can google them.

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