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Hydrochlorous acid from water vs accelerated hydrogen peroxide

I work in a tertiary referral veterinary hospital (Royal Veterinary College). We deal with all the same issues as human hospitals (MDRO, MRSP (occasionally MRSA), rarely CPE cases, viral, clostridium infection (not difficile), mycobacterial disease, fungal infection). We have been using the veterinary equivalent of Fuse (Swift chlorine dioxide) but they are stopping production of this for the veterinary market & will not sell Fuse to the veterinary sector. My hospital is keen for a disinfectant protocol that is both efficacious and at the same time more ecologically & environmentally sound whilst safe for use! I have been reading about the use of hypochlorous acid (Pathisol) and accelerated hydrogen peroxide (Oxivir) & wanted to see if anyone has personal experience of these products in clinical practice? Thanks! Rosanne Jepson

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  1. Mike Joseph Feb 16, 2022 05:04 PM

    Hi Rosanne, have you considered Peracide? It's in situ peracetic acid-based and meets all your criteria perfectly. Peracetic acid has a wide range of efficacy and it retains its efficacy in dirty conditions too. Our formulation comes in a tablet form so it's easy to use, and it's generated in situ so you're not handling large quantities of highly concentrated chemicals. We also do a specific formulation for veterinary and husbandry industries. Drop me an email on, I'd be happy to discuss!

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