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Medical Silicone Pessary Fitting Kits Cleaning and Decontamination

I am a Women's HEalth phsiotherapist in the UK London. I am trying to establish and put together what seems to be a first for healthcare. So as Pelvic Health Physio's we help women with intimate issues such as vaginal organ prolapse. We can offer them a device which helps support their organs and reduces their symptoms. 
To get the correct size we use a fitting kit which is medical silicone and placed inside the vagina for no more than 10 mins to check comfort and function. It is then removed cleaned and sterilised and reused. My question is: 
Currently there are no guidelines on cleaning this type of device, I need to develop a decontamination and infection control procedure that supports the appropriate cleaning and reuse of this device. 
Currently the manufacturers suggest cleaning can be carried out by Autoclave/chemical cleaning. 
My current decontamination is as follows: 
Enzyme cleaner diluted for 10 mins (or as prescribed by solution)

The other way of cleaning is Chemical: 
Enzyme cleaner 
Disinfectant cleaner - however I am struggling with this method know what is right and wrong with regards to safe storage and removal of the disinfectant and if there is a certain type of disinfectant as per gov guidelines. The company I use for the disinfectant use this to clean hospital equipment such as endoscopes so I know its fine its just what else is required. 


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