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Care Home/Supported Living Audit

HiOur organisation covers some areas that are classed as 'supported living' or 'residential home' under Adult Social Care. Does anybody have a IPC audit tool for these environments they would be willing to share? Our current one is more towards inpat...


Hi, looking to undertake a decontamination training module/course suitable for IPCN's, does anyone have any experience of these or know of any current ones that can be accessed?thank you in advance

Training for IPC links/leads in Primary Care

Hi all, we have had feedback from a few Primary Care practices who, during recent CQC inspection, have been asked for evidence of further training their local IPC leads have had (other than mandatory). To my knowledge ( I am one of the senior ICB IPC...

Scope of Practice for IPC Speciality Nurse

Hi thereI'm currently working overseas employed as an IPC Speciality Nurse, and need to revalidate with NMC.Can anyone offer advice on which scope of practice I would come under?Elise


Hello, can anyone share their local action cards regarding MonkeyPox ? that detail who does what in the region i.e who tells the patient the results if they were swabbed in ED but then sent home to isolate 

Infection Prevention and Control Link Practitioner Resource Book

Dear All,I am looking to develop a IPC handbook/workbook for our link practitioners  and was wondering if any other teams had already developed a resource that they would kindly share with me.  Thank you for your help in advance. Kind regar...

Disinfection of reusable gum elastic bougies

Wonder if there is anyone who has experience on disinfection of bougies used during difficult intubation. Has anyone used high level disinfection and how do you keep track of the number of cycles one bougie receives?

IPC for contractors

HI Does anyone have any guidance or policies for IPC for Contractors. Any help gratefully received.Regards

Microbiology training

Hi, is anyone aware of a microbiology training module/course suitable for IPCNs (not ward staff) which we can access?  Ideally accessible online. 

Recycle and Reuse of Community Equipment (walking frames etc)

Hi all does anyone have any SOP's they would be willing to share around recycle and re issue of walking frames etc in community NHS settings, rather than dispose after each patient use.  A member of the trusts green group highlighted that she at...