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Calling all radiographers/radiologists/sonographers with an interest in IPC

HiI'm and ICP from Australia who has a colleague who is a radiographer working in a large radiology practice who would love to chat with others working in radiology about infection prevention and control issues.Is there anyone in IPS who would be int...

PPE Audit for sharing please

Hi, is anyone familiar with a PPE audit, if so can it please be shared with me?Thanks so much, Lenny Neale- Krommenhoek, IP&C nurse, Norfolk Community Health & Care Trust, Norwich. Tel. 01603-272767. 

Uniform in mental health

HiIn our MH/LD/community trust our inpatient nursing staff now wear uniform (traditional tunic/trousers). Can I ask if anyone has their community staff in the MH/LD teams in uniform as well whether this is tunic/trousers or a polo shirt? Also we...

Visors - Medium risk COVID pathway

Hi AllCan I ask what acute Trusts are doing with the medium risk patient pathway and visors. Appreciate that it is a routine requirement, but are you using as sessional, single use disposable for each patient, or are some of you risk assessing ...

Training sessions for Care Home Link IPC staff members

I'm developing a group of staff in my organisations care homes to become Link IPC staff members - I'm putting together a lesson plan for 1 hour sessions over a few weeks and also giving them a resource folder. Has anyone any advice, suggestions or id...

COVID Swabbing Training

My Trust is currently reviewing the contents of our swabbing training (to include technique) for COVID. Is anyone willing to share the content of theirs please or perhaps indicate what you have considered? 

COVID pathways

How are MH trust members interpreting the pathways for their inpatient services?  Are you using this terminology in practice, and if so how do you "rate" patients who are test negative on admission and re-test, but are going out for regular leav...


I attended an IPS conference  in November 2019 in Southampton.  There was an excellent speaker who talked about good handwashing techniques and how the UV light box is now not thought to be the best way of demonstrating how clean hands are...

Decontamination of a clinical room in GP surgery

Hello, I've been searching PHE but can't find the answer to this seemingly simple question:How long do I need to leave a clinical room unused for, following deep cleaning after suspected CoVid pt please?Thank you

Welcome to the new website and forum

Please use the forum to post your questions and take time to answer other people’s queries. We all learn best when we learn from each other. Let us know if you have any problems with the site. Pat Cattini IPS President