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Outpatient Hysteroscopy

Can anyone point me in the direction of the best available evidence for IPC in OPH please? Is it still a scrubbed-in/sterile procedure if performed outside of the theatre environment (thinking air change requirements etc)? 

TOR link nurse meetings

Hi does anyone have a TOR for holding link nurse meetings, I could look over at all please? 

Interesting IPC vacancy: Sustainable IPC coordinator

Gloves off campaign- what worked/ didnt for your trust?

Hi allOur sustainability group has officially launched a QI gloves off project this is something we have attempted in various forms previously, but never as a large QI project trust wide. I am aware gloves use  is a very complex behavioural chan...

Skin prep - CHG and/or alcohol allergy or sensitivity

Renal unit, and now childrens unit, are asking about skin prep for AV fistula and portacath sites.Its been reported to IPCT that increased sensitivity and in some cases allergy to current skin prep solutions appears to be increasing. Specifically chl...

Macular Lens decontamination for theatre use

Hi does anyone currently put their macular lenses through an automated washer decontamination process and if so please would you explain how you do that(special holder etc)?The eye team are concerned that they will be damaged.Thanks Jenny

Bladder washouts for Catheter Patency

Morning,I was wondering if anyone knew of any information or research around regular bladder washouts to maintain catheter patency? I am noticing this is becoming more frequent practice and was wondering the IPC implications. The research I have look...

School Nurse Room

Hi, does anyone have an audit tool they use to audit the School Nurse Room in the school setting and are happy to share it with me?  

Pharmacy RIT audit tool

Hi All,In the process of looking at audits for the Pharmacy department. Is there a specific pharmacy environmental tool or do people just use the In/out patient tool??


Hello, to those of you using ICNET, can you ''quantify'' how much time it saves you? I am writing a business case for it and need to add in quantifiable benefits. The safety/quality reasons are easy but it it is the tangible money saving ones that ar...