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Trachy care guidance

Hi all, We have a query from one of our IPS West Midlands members Helen Whitehouse at UHNM who is reviewing their trachy care guidance, please see below Can colleagues share any information/policies/resources regarding the care, cleaning, d...

NHS Cleaning standards

Hi Has anyone adapted the NHS Cleaning standards to Health Social Care residential homes who would be willing to share? 

BlanketrolĀ® III hyper-hypothermia

Hi, Do any of your critical care units use  BlanketrolĀ® III hyper-hypothermia system, and if so do you have an SOP for the cleaning/ decontamination of these units that you would be willing to share?

Study tour ID units in London

Hello, I am visiting London in October from Australia prior to attending the Bournemouth IPS conference, I was wondering what hospital based ID units would be valuable  to visit. We are building a new hospital, and looking to gain insight i...

Influenza flow chart

Hi All,I am wondering if anyone has a Influenza flow chart they use in their trust for when they have a positive patient, aiding staff on what to do. Just a quick glance flow chart? if so would you be willing to share it with me to help myself and my...

Team Leader job at the Health and Safety Executive

PPE disposal in Special School settings

In the recently updated  (11/4/22) UK HSA Health protection in education and childcare settings  Chapter 2:  I P & C.  Under safe management of waste  it states 'Any used PPE should be placed in a refuse bag and disposed...

IPC data analysis/practitioner job description

Hi All,Does anyone have a job description they would be willing to share with me for the above post? We are looking at trying to create the post within our IPC team, but i am looking at getting some ideas around the duties other teams include. Kind R...

iPads for audit purposes

Has anyone recent experience of purchasing iPads for audit and general IP&C monitoring in Primary Care? We are looking for recommendations and guidance. 

Hand Hygiene Glow boxes

Has anyone recent experience of purchasing Hand Hygiene Glow boxes for Primary Care?We are looking at purchasing some and would be grateful for a recommendation.