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Training Reps

Hi Can anyone recommend some good companies that offer training reps to come on site please ?, I have the obvious Clinell and B Braun etc would just like to broaden the horizon a little.  Thanks in advance Sam

interventional radiology theatre

Hello , does anyone have a list of procedures that are carried out in an interventional theatre environment , compared to a standard imaging room?Thank you

Every Action Counts

Hi All, Just wondering if anyone had any imaginative and interesting ways they're planning to use the every action counts toolkit?

Weekly Screening of babies for MDRGNB

Hi. Could anyone please advise if they carry out MDRBNB screening weekly on babies on NNU? 

Easy Read Leaflets and Posters

I am putting together a folder for leaflets and posters in easy read format. Most of the resources I can find are hospital based. Does anyone have any easy read leaflets regarding infections for community based services (i.e. care homes)? I have quit...

un-vaccinated staff

hi all, i was wondering what other organisations do about staff who are un-vaccinated against Covid? Are there specific tasks such as AGPs that they would not be allowed to do? does anyone have a policy about how to manage un-vaccinated staff in orde...

Cleaning of toilets with toilet brushes

Just wondering if you use disposable toilet brushes ? 

Sharps safety training

Hi all, does anyone know of a free online resource for sharps training for care home staff please?  Keen not to reinvent wheels, if at all possible.  Thank you.

FFP3 masks for Vitrectomy

Hi All, I am trying to get a consensus on what everyone is doing regarding the wearing of FFP3 masks for ophthalmic surgery - vitrectomies in particular. Prior to COVID surgical masks were worn and vitrectomy is not on the list of AGPs. I don't feel...

Theatre open top bins

Hello. New staff who have come from other hospitals say it is accepted practice to use open top bins in theatre, the rationale being that all bins are changed between patients? Does anyone have any further info on this please, all I can find is aroun...