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Infection Prevention patients walking with purpose

Hello We are currently working on  an SoP algorithm for reducing transmission  the infection for those patients who walk with  purpose and risk to other  patients .., this was identified as lessons learnt for ward CoVId outbr...

UK RCN releases Report of 2020 BBFE Survey

Dear colleagues,FYI. On Friday, the UK Royal College of Nursing released its Report of its 2020 survey of members’ blood and body fluid exposures and experiences. The incidence of sharps injuries and mucocutaneous exposures are alarming and likely du...

SNOMED code for AmpC

Later this year, our Trust is moving over to Cerner for our electronic patient records. Can anyone who uses Cerner (or another EPR) please tell me whether they have a SNOMED code for AmpC positive organisms (& if so what the code is)? Thank you

Countess of Chester NHS Foundation Trust's Decontamination Solutions Framework

Just thought that I would let you know that The Decontaminator has won a place on CoC Decontamination framework for HPV electrostatic spraying and fogging. This is targeted at NHS bodies, Educational bodies, Emergency services, councils, and minister...

Short sleeved gowns

Hi all,Is anyone using short sleeve surgical gowns for medium/high risk pathways, particularly within Critical Care?If anyone is using short sleeved gowns, are you able to share details of how this was facilitated?

Use of ice/ cooling methods in clinical practice

Hi there, could you advise on what your Health Boards are using to cool skin post laser therapy please? Department's preference is ice but obvious difficulties with regards to making, storage etc.

steam mops

Does anybody have any information/guidance relating to the use of steam mops?

Silicone toilet brushes

Hi has anyone seen any new guidance/research on these being preferable to traditional brushes?

Donning, Doffing and decontamination of powered hoods SOP/ guidance/ training package

I have been asked to provide training for donning, doffing and decontamination of powered hoods. Would you be kind enough to share whatever donning guidance or relevant notes you might have. I would be grateful for whatever heads-up assistance I can...

Water management

HiCan anyone recommend a water management course for IPN's ?