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Blood culture vial transfer devices

Is anyone using Blood culture bottles made by Griener? If so what blood transfer device are you using?. A device called medimop was in use in our Trust but is no longer available. BD vacuette does not fit these blood culture bottles

MDI (Inhaler) spacers in spirometry testing

Hello all, there is a national shortage of single use spacers - we are reaching a situation where this will impact our service delivery - does anyone have information, experience of decontaminating spacers. I am holding the line in saying no (manufac...

IPC Environmental audits

Hi can i ask how often people are doing there environmental audits please as there appears to be some disparity surrounding this.  some hospitals are doing monthly some quarterly and some yearly. Id be interested to here from anyone who can find...

Point of Care Testing

Hi, Does anyone aware of any point of care testing for Step A? We've had a query from a Primary Care Network but we're unsure as to what is out there. Thanks. 

Monthly screening audits.

Hi all, We are looking at changing how we do our monthly screening audits. MRSA being the main one with admission, weekly & monthly screens depending on the patients location. Would anyone be willing to share their processes as i w...

Washable / Reusable continence products

Wondering if colleagues have been involved in switch over to washable / reusable continence products by their Continence Teams and any IPC considerations? if you have, would you be willing to share your experiences? 

Hand dryers

Hi everyone. Has anyone decided to introduce air or jet hand dryers into clinical areas or is it simply a no-no? 

Pregnancy related risk assessment

Hi, I was wondering if anyone could share an example of a pregnancy risk assessment for the role of the Infection Prevention & Control Nurse please? Thank You 

Job plans

Hi would any one share any job plans they have for members of there team please ?

Urinary Catheters - Standard and female

Hello all, I wonder if anyone has looked at the use of female catheters since the NPSA alert from 2009 following incidents of female length urinary catheters into men.  Are any of you using female catheters routinely for female patients?&nb...