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IPC data analysis job description

Hi all,I am wondering if anyone has a IPC data analysis job description you would be willing to share with me. We are looking at creating this role within our team and i am wanting to get some ideas of the kind of roles they fulfil within other teams...

Risk assessment tool for non-clinical staff - masks

Hi, does anyone have a risk assessment tool for non-clinical staff not wearing masks?  At a webinar recently the Chief Nurse mentioned the issue of non-clinical areas not wearing masks any more in the NHS but our OH and H&S dept want this to...

Care homes hydration training packages

Hi i was wondering if anyone was aware  of or had used a purchased  training package pertaining to hydration training in adult social care settings please?  

Mask usage in non-clinical areas

I know that the mask guidance for hospitals is still in place, but I am wondering whether anyone has said that staff who are in non-clinical areas, sat at desks and socially distanced can remove their mask.  Given the changes in rules outside ho...

Pregnant staff working after 28 weeks

What approach are people taking to staff who are more than 28 weeks pregnant and clinical work.  Are you allowing them to continue to work if vaccinated or are they having to be non-patient facing.  Has there been updated guidance that I ha...

RCAs for covid positive patients

Seeing that we have been in the pandemic for over 2 years now and have been doing RCAs for a while. Lessons have been learnt and changes have been made where possible and some issues have been ongoing. Mostly in the NHS, the infrastructure have not c...

IPC Audit software

Hi, we're looking to change how we record, track, monitor IPC audits and just wondered if anyone was using software that they would recommend, thanks. 

Hydrochlorous acid from water vs accelerated hydrogen peroxide

Hello I work in a tertiary referral veterinary hospital (Royal Veterinary College). We deal with all the same issues as human hospitals (MDRO, MRSP (occasionally MRSA), rarely CPE cases, viral, clostridium infection (not difficile), mycobacteria...

Covid screening

Hi, could anybody share how often there hospital’s are swabbing inpatients for Covid I.e. days 1, 5, 7 etcMany thanksJulie Meir 

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Hi All, We would really like to get the Forum up and running. Would be great to see more questions and responses!