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Covid temperature screening

Hello! Is anyone still using temperature recording products as part of covid screening alongside symptom questions?

Hepa Filters

Hello,Has any one introduced HEPA filter units into hospital wards or bays? If you have, how have you measured their effectiveness. Thank you in advance     

Fogging in a Covid contaminated environment

Hi,I am trying to get some information on how effective fogging is in decontaminating a covid exposed environment.Background: we have inpatient rehab beds, all are single occupancy  with ensuite facilities.Carpeted throughout, I know not ideal b...

Job description for Trust Decontamination Lead

Am looking for a job description/role profile for a Trust decontamination Lead is anyone has one that they are willing to share.  Thanks in anticipation. 

CVC Passports

Hi,Similar to the urinary catheter passports, is anyone using one for Central Venous Catheters?If you are, would you be happy to share?If so please contact Jan De Witt at thanksJan

Gama isolation pods

Hi All,As with several other Trusts we've recently procured several of the 'Gama isolation pods' to increase our isolation capacity. I was wondering if anyone else who has already had these in place have any guidance or SOP's that they have developed...

Alternatives to FRSM

Hello,We are seeing an increase in staff stating they are unable to wear FRSM due to it exacerbating their asthma, I therefore wonder what people do in these situations. We currently risk assess and consider offering FFP3's but I am reluctant to go d...

Qualitative fit testing

Good morning The HSE released a notice in December advising the nebuliser On qualitative fit testing kits should be submerged in disinfectant between use. I’m hoping to get some information on suitable disinfectants for cleaning of nebulisers wi...

COVID Precautions in Higher Education

Hello, I have been working in Higher Education for 4 months having been a clinician prior to that. Where I work calls itself COVID Secure but I'm not sure this is feasible. Can I ask what measures other universities are taking to protect staff and st...

Covid vaccine mythbuster video

Hi all,  my CEO reckons there is a government C-19 mythbuster video.  I've just spent 30 mins looking ... can anyone help me find it please? Thank you