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Laundering Cloth Theatre Caps

May I please ask if any of your Trusts are allowing staff to launder cloth theatre caps at home? If so, are there any stipulations attached to this? 

Hand Hygiene Ideas

Hi, Just wondering what peoples ideas are for celebrating Hand Hygiene day tomorrow 5th May 

Nurse lead urinary catheter removal

Hi all , Does anyone have a SOP for nurse lead urinary catheter removal . It would be great if you can share please. ( you . 

IPC guidelines on microguide app?

Hi all, is anyone using the Microguide app to also house their IPC guidelines / policies? It would be really helpful to see some examples and gain feedback on how well this is working. Many thanks, Janice

Managing Patients with MARO in very Busy Diabetic Foot Clinics

Hello I wonder if anyone is having the same difficulties we are with an increase of patients identified as having MARO's in Diabetic foot clinics? Normally patients with a MARO are seen at the end of the list, but there are so many now due to th...

Band 5 IPCN Job description

Hi, does anyone have a band 5 job description for an IPC Nurse they would be willing to share please? thanks. 

Biodegradable gloves

HI all, have any acute hospitals introduced biodegradable gloves into clinical practice? Many thanks, Brona.

Hand Hygiene Audit Tool

Does anyone have a hand hygiene Audit tool that they are using to validate ward audits? Please help.  

Use of portable fans in the clinical area

Hi All,Currently reviewing our use of portable fans in clinical area SOP. Does anyone have one they would be happy to share .  Thanks Rachel 

Advance Nurse Practitioner in IPC

Hi all, is there anyone who is a nurse prescriber/ ANP in IPC that can share their job description and the pathway they undertook please? Our Trust is considering to have one. My email is Thank you!