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Job descriptions - IPC band's 3 and 4.

HI, does anyone have JD's & Person Specs for IPC colleagues working in a band 3 or band 4 role that they would be willing to share please. 

Disposing of BSS plastic bottles contaminated with adrenaline

The Ophthalmic team are asking if its ok to dispose of the sealed  part emptied 500ml  bottles of BSS which have been contaminated with adrenaline in a Tiger bag, or should they go in a blue topped bin, and if its a blue topped bin, can the...

FMT Nurse led service

Hi Everyone, I am currently looking into starting an IPC nurse led FMT service within our healthboard, just wondering if this is something any other areas have done or are looking into, or even something similar? Also wondering if there are any...

The use of a Vacuum cleaner in the hospital environment

Can anyone please share any information they have or National guidance as I cannot seem to find any 

Antimicrobial resistance strategy/antimicrobial stewardship policy.

Does anyone have an specific antimicrobial resistance strategy or antimicrobial stewardship strategy that they would be willing to share? 

CPE resources

Does anyone have any CPE educational resources they could share please?

Dental audit tool help

Does anyone have an updated one for the HTM 01-95  the 2013 version my IT department have declined to upload as it is so old

B6 development posts

Does anyone have a job description and/or objectives for a B6 to 7 IPC development post? Or any first hand experience please?

Community Infection Prevention Provision

Is anyone aware if any national guidance on Community IPCT staffing provision in and out of hours regardless of commissioning?  Or do any local areas have their own standards that they'd be willing to share? Many thanks Lucy 

IPC Link Nurse development

Hi, can anyone recommend any courses that are good for IPC link nurses, please? Many thanks, Sam