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PPE in Dom / extra care environments

Does anyone have current local guidance on PPE use in supported living or Dom care? Please contact

Arm coverings

Hi Does anyone have any guidance on arm coverings, BBE for religious reasons? Please email me many thanks

Surveillance Nurse JD

HI everyone, Does anyone have a JD for a Band 5 or 6 surveillance nurse that they would be happy sharing with me? My email is  Thanks, Jennie

Link Nurse development

Hi all, I'm looking at fresh ideas for link nurse training and development options. I am aware of the new competencies that have just been released, I was just wondering if anyone had any other recommendations at all please ? thanks in advance S...

Condensate/ wet sets

Hi All does anyone have any policies or SOP's in relation to what to do when condensate/wet if found in theatre trays.Thanks Kim If you are willing to share please

Care Home Reusable PPE

Hi all, I was wondering if anyone has heard/ or know of any care homes using reusable PPE to reduce environmental burden? I'm aware of some NHS trust, introducing these and just wondering if any care homes have. Thanks 

Cleaning standards

Hi all,  My trust are having discussions around the number of toilet cleans in clinical areas to make them in line with the DoH guidance that was published in April 2021, the suggestion is that these will be reduced. We are currently looking int...

job descriptions for surveillance/audit officers

I was wondering whether anyone has any info/job descriptions for surveillance/audit officers in community IPC teams / health protection teams?

Barn operating theatres

HI Does anyone have any experience with Barn theatres at all? If yes would you be willing to have a chat with me about them?

Measuring ventilation

I have been asked by commissioners about ways of measuring ventilation in care homes.  I know work has been done around CO2 monitoring. However, they have been approached by a company selling a product that measures humidity.  I have not he...