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CPE resources

Does anyone have any CPE educational resources they could share please?

Dental audit tool help

Does anyone have an updated one for the HTM 01-95  the 2013 version my IT department have declined to upload as it is so old

B6 development posts

Does anyone have a job description and/or objectives for a B6 to 7 IPC development post? Or any first hand experience please?

Community Infection Prevention Provision

Is anyone aware if any national guidance on Community IPCT staffing provision in and out of hours regardless of commissioning?  Or do any local areas have their own standards that they'd be willing to share? Many thanks Lucy 

IPC Link Nurse development

Hi, can anyone recommend any courses that are good for IPC link nurses, please? Many thanks, Sam

Care Home Mattress Standards

Hi, can anyone point me to guidance around mattress requirements for CQC registered care homes? Can residents have sprung mattresses on divan beds? I thought they would have to be similar to 'hospital' mattresses for water resistance/fire safety stan...

Mask wearing in theatres

Hi I have been advised today that surgical mask wearing in theatres for surgical termination of pregnancy is no longer a requirement, can anyone advise if this is correct - TIA  

What EN standard should a detergent/disinfectant be for healthcare settings please?

Hi guys, I am going round in circles trying to find out what standard cleaning products for managing blood/body fluid spills and during outbreak should be. Cant see it in either the national standards or in my usual go to - the Harrogate team IPC pol...

NHS Cleaning Colour Code

Hi I am trying to source information on what cleaning colour code should be used for minor operation/treatment rooms.  Can anyone advise or direct me to where I can source the information as this is not identified within the NHS Cleaning Manuel....

Translated resources for asylum seeker accommodation

I am looking for some translated posters and leaflets to use in our Asylum Seeker hotels. We have COVID and Diphtheria posters from .gov but it would also be useful to have the following translated resources:General signage to encourage hand san...