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international IPC teams

Hi allI would like to know if there is anyone on here that has visited any excellent IPC teams abroad and were able to implement something new into their own IPC practice or hospital. I need to decide on a country I wish to visit as part of a scholar...

Pop-up isolation room use for ITU

hi,  I'm looking into pop-up isolation rooms for be used in our ITU, however, the redi-rooms by Gama are not suitable, due to the pendants that are suspended from the ceiling.  doe anyone have the same issue? if so could you help?  ple...

Band 4 job description

Hi does anyone have a band 4 IPC job description that they'd be happy to share please. Thanks 

Neurosurgery - Infection Prevention Teams

Hi, I work in a regional Neuroscience centre and i am keen to benchmark against other Trusts who provide neurosurgical services with a focus on (but not limited to) SSI, EVDs and sharing good practice.  Many

IPC Auditing Software

HI All,Apologies as I may have asked this before, but it was a while ago. I just wondered if any teams were using any type of software for completing IPC audits on. Thanks Helen 

Gloves and covid vaccination

I know the guidance is there but I cant find it; that only hand hygiene is needed between covid vaccination NOT gloves. Could someone send me a link, I need to reinforce it. Its clear about gloves for body fluids, but wanted specific to Covid vax. Th...

Documentation for a daily huddle

I am Team lead for IPC in a combined mental health and physical health community setting, we have a large geographical area to cover and rely on good daily communication, we have a daily teams huddle but are looking to develop a method to document ou...

Infection control university modules

Hello! I was just wondering if anyone had any recommendations for university led IPC courses? I am the infection lead in my work and my manager is very keen for me to deliver IPC training. Thank you!

SOP for air purifier / hepa-filtration units

Does anyone have an SOP or guidelines for use of  air purifiers/hepa-fitration units in clinical areas that they are willing to share? 

Environmental swabbing of sexual health clinics

Hi, I am wondering if anyone knows if sexual health clinics are swabbed for environmental contamination of Chlamydia trachomatis and Neisseria gonorrhoeae, It is well documented that sexual health clinics can be contaminated. If they are swabbed, how...