Honorary Membership Award

The award for an honorary membership entitles the recipient to life-long membership of the Society at no cost to the individual.  This level of membership is equivalent to a full member.

Honorary Membership is is awarded to an individual who, in the opinion of the IPS Board, meets the criteria to be honoured with this prestigious category of membership 


  • Has carried out a significant role/roles on a voluntary basis for the benefit of the whole membership 
  • Made a significant contribution to furthering the aims and goals of the Society 
  • Has furthered the aims and goals of the organisation through significant input to national groups and committees on behalf of the Society over the course of their career. 

Any branch, committee or individual may nominate an individual for honorary membership who meets the criteria as laid out above.  Unless there are exceptional circumstances, no more than two awards will be made each year.

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The nominator is responsible for submitting a nomination to the Honorary Secretary by the 28th February each year for consideration at the next Board meeting.

2017 Winners

Congratulations to our 2017 winners, Roy Browning and Julie Hughes.