Why Join as a Company?

Corporate Member Nominees

  • A corporate member is entitled to have IPS mailings sent to a total of 5 company nominees.

Use of IPS Corporate Member Logo

  • Logo may be used on company headed paper, compliment slips and business cards.
  • Use restricted to year of corporate membership
  • Increased awareness of company’s profile

Note – The logo cannot be used to promote products.

IPS Approval of Educational Materials

  • Educational materials may be submitted and IPS will consider educational content for review.
  • If judged to be satisfactory, the IPS logo can be featured on the material, together with the words ‘Educational Content Approved’ and the year that approval was given.
  • Each member is permitted to make one application for educational material per year of corporate membership.
  • Additional requests for content approval may be processed but will incur an additional charge of £1000. 
  • Enhanced credibility amongst infection control professionals

Priority choice of exhibition space

  • 3 weeks priority booking allowed to corporate members
  • Better choice of stand position giving better company exposure

IPS Conference and Exhibition Handbook

  • Specific corporate members ‘thank you’ page
  • Normal 75 word entry under exhibitors section
  • Specific corporate membership badges for staff attending conference and exhibition
  • Greater recognition of corporate members to the IPS membership

Link from IPS Web Site

  • A corporate member’s web link from the IPS web site
  • Linked by company name 
  • Link set up from Corporate Member’s section of IPS website
  • Increased traffic flow through company website leading to increased opportunities
  • Disclaimer included that link does not infer endorsement

 IPS Contact List

  • Access to view a complete contact list of all society members via the IPS website.

 Focus Groups

  • Help in identifying suitable IPS members to participate in a focus group meeting
  • Access to one focus group per year per corporate member (focus group members expenses would have to be met by the Corporate member)
  • Potential focus group members would be identified according to company specification
  • Allows company to assess validity of its future actions for strategic planning

IPS Branch Meetings & Study Days

  • Notification of dates of branch study days being held throughout the year to all corporate members
  • Notification of dates of branch meetings being held throughout the year to all corporate members

General benefits

  • Joint approach to all health care professionals will have greater impact on education and training eg publications
  • Opportunity to share international global contacts through IFIC, International Infection Control Council.
  • Increased political influence leading to raised awareness at government level of infection control issues and solutions
  • Sharing of information beneficial to both parties

Corporate Membership fee 2017
£1500 + VAT

Please click here for an application form.