Members' Pack

The IPS Members’ Pack aims to enhance your understanding of the Infection Prevention Society, what it does and what it can offer to its members. It is also intended to inform you about the structure of IPS and how it goes about its day-to-day operations and activities.

It is a reference for any member who wants to understand IPS better. It will help you get the most out of the society and contribute to it in the most effective way.

It will be particularly useful for:

  • New members of the society;
  • Future members of the society;
  • New and aspiring members of the board, branch officers and consultative committee members, and special interest groups (SIG);
  • Corporate members.

After reading it we hope you have a much better understanding of why and how the society brings value to its members and that you might also feel motivated to get even more involved in IPS.

If you have not yet taken up a position at board or branch level or are not a member of a SIG we hope this guide might encourage you to consider doing so. You may even be motivated to set up a new SIG or become an active contributor to the society’s website at

To get a full copy of the pack click here: Members Pack