National Guidance

National Guidance

Guidance is produced and published in the UK and Ireland to assist managers, practitioners and clinicians, among others, on infection prevention strategies. Here are some key links to national publications.


Public Health Wales (PHW) 

Provides access to the Healthcare Associated Infection and Antimicrobial Resistance and Prevention Programme (HARP) team resources to support healthcare organisations in Wales with tackling HCAIs and AMR, including:

  • Guidance for specific settings, scenarios and diseases
  • Information for patients and public
  • Toolkits and resources
  • Compendium of HCAI guidance
  • Link to HPS National Infection Prevention and Control Manual (NIPCM)
  • Toolkits and resources including ANTT and UTI prevention

Welsh Government Strategy

Providing access to a framework of actions for healthcare organisations in Wales. The guidance sets out what healthcare organisations and others who work in healthcare settings must do to tackle HCAIs.


Health Protection Scotland (HPS) (Scottish Guidance Compendium)

Health Protection Scotland (HPS) lead on the development of an HAI Compendium which is designed to provide NHS Scotland staff with an overview of all up-to-date HAI guidance, as well as the key messages from the guidance and all the associated supporting materials.


Public Health England -

Policies, publications and statistics 

Health and Social Care Care Homes: 

Infection prevention and control 

Nice Infection prevention and control 

NICE infection prevention and control quality standards


Health Protection Surveillance Centre (HPSC) 

HSPC works in partnership with health service providers and sister organisations in Ireland and around the world, to provide the best possible information for the control and prevention of infectious diseases.

Department of Health 

Supporting the Minister in the formulation and evaluation of policies for the health services. It also has a role in the strategic planning of health services. This is carried out in conjunction with the Health Services Executive, voluntary service providers, Government Departments and other interested parties

Infection prevention and control for primary care in Ireland (2013)

Northern Ireland

Infection Prevention and Control 

This Infection Control Manual aims to provide standardisation in Infection Prevention and Control across all Health-Care facilities in Northern Ireland and may be adapted as required to reflect specific local needs. The manual will provide an evidenced based resource for healthcare workers of all grades and professional groups, and is available for use in all Healthcare settings, including Hospital, Community, Primary Care, Private or Voluntary sectors.