Nursing Times Collaboration

Over the course of this year, IPS has worked with the Nursing Times (NT) to undertake a number of activities and as a result is able to reach all nurses working in health care. The actions have included Twitter messages, judging of NT infection prevention awards and in the Nursing Times journal a 60 seconds interview with the IPS President, an IPS position statement on the Keogh Report and special journal edition focused on the importance of hand hygiene.


OneTogether is a partnership initiative between the Infection Prevention Society (IPS), the Association for Perioperative  Practice (AfPP), College of Operating Department Practitioners (CODP) the Royal College of Nursing (RCN), and 3M Healthcare Limited.  The aim of OneTogether is to provide a framework for collaboration, to educate, engage and empower the healthcare community to reduce preventable healthcare associated infections (HCAIs).

In April 2016 the OneTogether infection control assessment toolkit was launched - please click here for further details.

The OneTogether Impact Awards 2017 recognise, celebrate and promote best practice in improving surgical care and reducing the risk of surgical site infections - please click here for further details.


Equity and Excellence: Liberating the NHS, Securing Continuing Infection Prevention Support for NHS England: A Position Statement by the Infection Prevention Society and Royal College of Nursing.

Sepsis UK

In support of World Sepsis day, an Infection Management Coalition Statement has been launched which IPS has played a key part in.  Follow this Sepsis UK link to find more information and the statement IPS also provides here a briefing note on this coalition work with a statement from the President - please click here.