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The Infection Prevention Society of the UK and Ireland is a registered charity, existing to serve its active network of around 2,000 members working in infection prevention and control, in both health and social care. Whilst it is not a patient focused group itself, at times it works with a number of organisations representing patients' interests but primarily health and social care organisations in the course of its work.

Our vision is that no person is harmed by a preventable infection.

We specifically promote skills in monitoring and improving quality indicators such as hand hygiene practices, as well as assessing risks from drug resistant bacteria for example.

In 2012 IPS worked with the Patient's Association and the RCN to produce a report detailing a number of recommendations, including a call for a renewed focus on the ongoing importance of infection prevention and control.

Education is a key activity for the society which organises many events and infection prevention programmes of work are run by our members in hospitals, clinics and other areas aimed at professionals at all levels.

As well as running educational events we support our members to help build competence and practice effective care. We do this through:

  • research;
  • sharing of knowledge;
  • influencing national policies.

 Many of our members sit on national committees, are authors of national guidelines, write scientific papers, present at conferences and are involved in research programmes.

The Infection Prevention Society actively collaborates with governmental agencies, regulatory bodies, other professional societies, making our work both rewarding and supportive of our vision.