Your Role in Infection Prevention

Infection Prevention, Patients and Public Role

Infection prevention and control is commonly described as everyone’s responsibility. IPS members work across health and social care to make sure the right practices take place at the right time to keep patients, visitors and staff safe. As a patient or member of the public it’s important to make sure you’re aware of information that is available to you, in for example your local hospital, on the role you can play in infection prevention and control.

This information might cover the following important topics (note this list is not exhaustive):

Hand Hygiene

Hand hygiene at the right times is essential for safety – find out more about hand hygiene and the role you can play.

Visiting Hospital

Hospitals provide advice to the public on visiting during outbreaks and/or when you yourself may be suffering from certain infections – check your local hospital advice before visiting relatives or loved ones if you are at all unsure.

Admission to Hospital

Before going into hospital you may be provided with advice and information on infection control; you can ask your local hospital.