Resources - Quality improvement and research

Developing your knowledge and skills within quality improvement and research

The IPS review and add new and relevant resources to each Domain on a regular basis. The resource has been mapped against a particular domain based on what competency statement is most aligns with; it is noted some resources can mapped against the other domains as well

Antibiotic prescribing and antibiotic resistance are inextricably linked, as overuse and incorrect use of antibiotics are major drivers of resistance. AMR local indicators are publically available data intended to raise awareness of antibiotic prescribing, AMR, HCAI, IPC and AMS; and to facilitate the development of local action plans. The data published in this tool may be used by healthcare staff, commissioners, directors of public health, academics and the public to compare the situation in their local area to the national picturelink to NHS R&D forum.

Live webinar describing what antimicrobial resistance and stewardship is.

A guide for researchers who are interested in involvement, have begun to involve patients or members of the public and want to learn more, have questions about involvement, or are interested in reading a comprehensive overview of the subject based on the experiences of those who are already involved or involving.

Learn how to become a change agent by generating new ideas, pushing the boundaries, and leading others to do the same in your organisation. Understand what drives you to create change, how to take action, and how to improve your approaches based on feedback.

BMJ article on how to get started in quality improvement.

Guide to provide practical information for students who have been asked to submit a research proposal as part of their application for admission to a research degree. It is also relevant to students who are applying to external bodies for postgraduate research funding.

Webinar 1- How to get started in research, Webinar 2- Poster Design & Presentation, Webinar 3 SPCs - a primer for QI and Research Projects, webinar 4 How to undertake a QI Project and webinar 5 'Delivering the Quality Improvement Programme for Surgical Site Infections'.

The Quality Improvement Zone (QI Zone) is a learning and resource site from the NHS Education for Scotland Quality Improvement team which provides information and resources to support people with experience at all levels of quality improvement to develop their knowledge. 

In the IPC Zone you will find: a range of resources including e-learning modules, guides, workbooks, videos/animations and frameworks and tools to support learning and development in relation to infection prevention and control in local care settings and within in-house training provision.

Share and develop resources, create standards, support colleagues, and provide a quality learning and development Programme that includes training, symposia, networking opportunities, events and roundtable discussions.

Online library of Quality, Service Improvement and Redesign tools.

An improvement resource to help health and social care economies reduce the number of GNBSIs, with an initial focus on Escherichia coli (E.coli).

Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust commissioned this animation to help explain the new Quality Improvement programme.

This guide offers an explanation of some popular approaches used to improve quality, including where they have come from, their underlying principles and their efficacy and applicability within the healthcare arena. It also describes the factors that can help to ensure the successful use of these approaches and methods. to improve the quality of care processes, pathways and services. It is written for a general health care audience and will be most useful for those new to the field of quality improvement, or those wanting to be reminded of the key points.

SAPG work with NHS boards across health and care settings in Scotland to improve antibiotic use, to optimise patient outcomes and to minimise harm to individuals and to wider society.

A framework for reporting new knowledge about how to improve healthcare that can be used to evaluate research.

Resource compendium focusing on using and doing research. A guide to find information resources including books, journal articles and reports.

A resource that can be used to contain relevant information for you, regarding the vascular access device you have in place, and can be shown to any healthcare professionals involved in the care and management of your VAD.

Compedium of resoucres to support quality improvement .