Vessel Health and Preservation Framework 2020


Vascular access is an important part of many patient care management plans but has some unwanted risks. The IPS was inspired by a US model to produce a vessel health and preservation (VHP) framework with the intention of producing a resource for frontline staff to be able to assess and select the best vascular access device to meet the individual patient’s needs and to preserve veins for future use. The overall aim of the VHP framework is to establish a standardised approach to vascular access in order to support practitioners undertaking vessel assessment and decision-making regarding suitable devices for vascular access and administration of medication and/or fluids.

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The revised UK VHP framework is based on published evidence and guidelines (Moureau et al, 2012, Hallam et al, 2016). Evaluation studies of the original VHP Framework to date have included the uptake of the VHP Framework (Burnett et al, 2018) and a small-scale pilot study exploring the impact of using the framework on the insertion and management of VADs (Weston et al, 2017).

The framework has been developed to facilitate a complex adaptive systems approach to VAD insertion and management and is intended for adult vascular access in acute or planned settings.

The full information on the updated UK VHP2020 framework can be found in the published article UK Vessel Health and Preservation (VHP) Framework: a commentary on the updated VHP 2020 (Hallam et al 2021)

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Vessel Health Web-based Toolkit

A VHP web-based toolkit can be accessed from the link below. The toolkit was launched in November 2023 and supported by 3M. The toolkit allows you to easily view each of the sections of the VHP framework from a smart phone, tablet or laptop.


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Vessel Health and Preservation: The Right Approach for Vascular Access edited by Nancy Moureau, is available on open access

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