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12 December 2014 Honorary Membership of IPS, 2015

If you know someone who has made a significant contribution to furthering the aims and goals of the Society over the course of their career, then please consider nominating them for Honorary Membership of IPS.  Find out more here.

12 December 2014 The Brendan Moore Award 2015

Do you know an IPS member who has made a very significant contribution to furthering the aims and goals of the organisation while in an official position with the Society.  Please consider nominating them for this award.  Find out more here.

Implementation Learning Laboratories - Spoke Events

12 Dates, 12 Locations around the UK and Ireland. Find out more here.

24 November 2014 IPS contributed to the review of the specification for planning and measuring hospital cleanliness - PAS5748

The vision of the IPS is that no person will be harmed by a preventable infection. The role of the environment in the transmission of micro-organisms has become increasingly recognized in recent years, along with the importance of effective environmental cleaning.
Recent measures show standards of hospital cleanliness are high and keeping them that way is one of the main things that supports all the successful efforts to reduce the incidence of healthcare associated infections such as MRSA.
Achieving this increase in standards would not have been possible without a guiding framework, and the IPS is pleased to have worked with the British Standards Institution (BSI) to revise the specification for planning and measuring hospital cleanliness (PAS 5748).
Sponsored by the Department of Health (England), the document was first published in 2011 to help acute, community and mental health hospitals show they are clean and safe for patients.
This updated cleaning specification is free to download for all NHS England staff and organisations.  Please click here.

24 November 2014 Emergency Department Infection Control PPE Instructor Training

Public Health England (PHE) have published a train the trainers programme on PPE to be used in EDs for suspected Ebola patients.  Read it here.

14 November 2014 One IPS Branch Videos Now Available 

IPS now has country specific videos for each branch to use to promote IPC as a career and IPS as the society of choice for IPC professionals.  View them here.

01 November 2014 Journal of Infection Prevention (JIP) table of contents

The table of contents for the November 2014 edition of JIP is now available to view here.