The Infection Prevention Society is an independent charity with a 2,000 strong member network. Our vision is to be a leading influence on IPC practice at a local, national and international level by 2024. We strive to fulfil our vision by informing, promoting and sustaining evidence-based infection prevention policy and practice to create a health and care system where no person's health and wellbeing is harmed by preventable infection.

Our commitment to communicate with and educate clinical professionals and the public enables us to play a central role in making treatment and care safer for patients and their relatives.

Our vision is to be a leading influence on IPC practice at a local, national and international level by 2024.

Our mission is to inform, promote and sustain evidence-based infection prevention policy and practice to create a health and care system where no person's health and wellbeing is harmed by preventable infection.

Our strategy - you can download the 2021 to 2024 IPS strategic plan here

Our four key areas of activity over the next 3 years:

  1. Influencing and shaping infection prevention & control.

  2. High quality, innovative and relevant outputs.

  3. Internal and organisational system performance.

  4. Delivery against operational target and sustainability.

IPS Structure 

Standing Committees

To successfully support the IPS there are a number of standing committees, each playing a vital role in ensuring that our members enefit from up to date and insightful professional support. 

Members can have more detailed information by visiting The IPS Members Standing Committee (this content is only available for members 

Editorial Management Group (EMG)

The purpose of the Editorial Management Group is to work with Sage Publications (the current journal publisher) to manage and develop the Journal of Infection Prevention (JIP) and to advise the IPS Board on publishing strategy in support of the IPS vision, mission, strategic aims and objective.

Education & Professional Development Committee (EPDC)

Education is central to the society's activity and this committee is involved in helping deliver its strategic aims and is undertaking a number of specific tasks as well as linking with each of the society's branches. 

The Research & Development Committee (R&D)

The IPS Research & Development Committee works to fulfil the parts of the IPS Strategy that relate to research. 

Scientific Programme Committee (SPC)

The SPC is responsible for developing the educational programme for the annual IPS Conference.  This ‘flagship’ event is the largest Infection prevention event to be held annually in theUKand it attracts around 1,000 people to both the conference and the adjoining medical device exhibition. It is the highlight of the IPS annual calendar and it is the ideal place to see much of the work of the society in action.

International Engagement Committee (IEC)

The purpose of the IEC is to increase the IPS engagement with practitioners and societies internationally through the promotion of the IPS vision, mission and strategic aim and objectives.

We also have a Consultative Committee (CC) 

The Consultative Committee provides a forum for members of the Board to consult formally with Branch and Special Interest Group (SIG) coordinators and for the coordinators to discuss and raise issues on behalf of their branch or special interest group. Consultative committee members actively engage in and shape the strategic direction of the society.

Members of IPS have access to:

Research and Development - We fund and support research and development to determine what works best, how it should be implemented, the impact on patients’ lives, and the cost of healthcare. Members receive updates and information about current topical issues in infection prevention and control through the use of social media.

Support - We provide support to the countries governments in developing policy and assist with advice on technical aspects for new and existing standards. Members of the Society have access to grants and travel awards to extend their professional knowledge and expertise.

Network - Our membership creates a large professional network through which we communicate best practice, an online discussion forum. The Society works collaboratively with other professional societies and has strong links with national and international organisations working in the field of infection and patient safety.

Resources - Members receive the Journal of Infection Prevention bimonthly and have access to past issues, as well as a weekly eDigest highlighting current news and events. Members have opportunities to collaborate through our 14 branches and Special Interest Groups and participate in national and international working groups. 

Conferences and Events - We host the largest national annual infection prevention conference in the UK and Ireland and each of the 14 branches provide several study days and a regional, one-day conference each year. Members will receive a discounted rate on the IPS Annual Conference plus free registration to many regional events and teleclasses.

Please click here to view a message video from Professor Heather Loveday, former IPS President on why it is important to be a member of IPS.

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