Articles of Association

The Infection Prevention Society is a registered charity (Charity no: 1120063).  Like all charities it exists to benefit the public, not specific individuals. Because of this, charities pay reduced business rates and receive tax breaks but are restricted in what they can do and how they work.

For example, charities need to:

  • Follow charity law, including telling the Charity Commission and the public about their activities
  • Only do things that are charitable according to the law
  • Be run by trustees who do not usually personally benefit from the charity
  • To be a charity an organisation must have purposes or ('aims') all of which are exclusively charitable; a charity cannot have some purposes which are charitable and others which are not.

The Charities Act 2011 defines a charitable purpose, explicitly, as one that falls within at least one of thirteen descriptions of its ‘aims’ and it must only exist for the public benefit.  IPS is a charity as its aims fall within the following two recognised categories:

  • The advancement of education
  • The advancement of health and the saving of lives

When setting up a charity, by law there must be a governing document. This is the rulebook which sets out how your charity will be run.  This document is called the Articles of Association. The latest Articles of Association were adopted by the membership on 5 June 2024. For the full articles please click here: IPS Articles of Association 

See the IPS 'Regulations of the Society' as adopted by the Trustees in accordance with Article 80 of the Articles of Association on 8 May 2024.

For more information on charities click here: