IPS Corporate Membership

The IPS is a Registered Charity and relies substantially on support from the commercial sector to sustain its activities. The Corporate Affairs Group (CAG) was launched in September 2016 with the intent of providing a robust and effective foundation upon which to conduct relations with IPS corporate members and also to promote corporate membership of the Society to new members.

The IPS Board has consistently acknowledged the outstanding contribution made by corporate members to the well being of the Society given their support at national and branch levels. The Board was therefore pleased to instigate and organise the activities of the Corporate Affairs Group through which to optimise this relationship and concerning which all corporate members are automatically enrolled.

Corporate Membership costs £1,500 plus VAT 

The benefits to the commercial sector of being an IPS corporate member are as follows: 

  • Access and Connect - attend the without-charge Networking Days to mix with industry colleagues from the HCAI-space along with IPS Board, executive and other full members 
  • Show and Tell – through sponsorship opportunities use the Society at branch and national level to showcase products and technology and make use of the IPS Industry Insights web site [https://industryinsights.ips.uk.net/] where we review evidence concerning products and technologies and endorse them where they pass the test of ‘reducing the risk of infection’ . If approved get to use the coveted IPS Product Endorsement Logo - for two years
  • Listen and Learn – apply for attendance at the without-charge Product Surgeries providing the opportunity to meet with IPS ‘IPC experts’ and discuss the efficacy, ease of use, cost/value, safety etc of your product or technology along with other aspects of successful selling into the NHS 
  • Private Coaching and Advice - take advantage of the opportunity to have IPS put together expert panels specifically to examine your product or technology in depth and be able to discuss all aspects in a private and confidential forum. Whist a charge will be made for these sessions it will always be substantially less than might be obtained anywhere else.
  • Contact and Be Heard - have a direct private line into the IPS Board through the Corporate Affairs Group to give feedback on what works for you and what might be done better optimise the ROI on your membership subscription 
  • Research and Educate - become a member of the IPS R&D Group and provide expert advice or commission research. Through the Education and Training Group provide support to the IPS education programme or seek advice and evaluation on best practice issues and training materials
  • Tried and Tested – Under certain circumstances corporate members may commission the IPS to undertake research or in situ trials in the NHS concerning their technology or products. Whist a charge will be made for these sessions it will always be substantially less than might be obtained anywhere else.
  • Skills and Knowledge – get involved in the training programme for staff from commercial organisations in relation to basic and advanced infection and prevention control theory and practice.

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Other key benefits of being and IPS corporate member are as follows:

  1. Use of IPS Corporate Member Logo on company headed paper, compliment slips and business cards for the period of corporate membership.
  2. Use the IPS website to showcase products and technologies that demonstrate efficacy and practical in-use features.
  3. Get priority choice of exhibition space at our conferences and events - three weeks priority booking.
  4. Use the corporate member’s link in the IPS Web Site
  5. Use the access to an online directory of IPS members without charge

 Where funding and content sufficiency allow the Corporate Affairs Group will organise and host up to four Product Surgeries and Networking Days each year. Both of these events are provided without charge to corporate members. 

Product Surgeries – three senior and respected IPS members are brought together in the form of an expert panel and up to six commercial organisations are able to meet with them for 45 minutes each and discuss the attributes of their products, technologies or designs and seek advice on matters of efficacy, in-use features and the potential or actual benefits to the NHS. 

Networking Days – on the day following the Product Surgeries corporate members and other commercial organisations join with high quality speakers from government, the NHS and industry along with IPS Board members to review and discuss contemporary issues associated with HCAI and specific business issues that impact on the infection prevention and control environment. 

IPS Industry Insights (paid-for service) - efficacy and in-use information concerning products and technologies may be submitted to IPS and will be subject to a review process. Where an expert panel are satisfied that the required standards are reached the product or technology may be placed on the IPS Industry Insights web site which is an open and public site and which is being developed to become the go-to reference site for endorsed product and technologies. An endorsement logo may also be used where products or technologies have been so approved.