IPS Speaker Lisa Hodgkinson

Lisa Hodgkinson

Infection Prevention and Control Matron, NHS Nottingham and Nottinghamshire Clinical Commissioning Group


Since the early 2000s, Lisa has been working as a nurse gaining experience in both critical and elderly care, as well as police custody. She has worked alongside the independent care sector in a number of areas, including support, advice and workforce development to care home and home care staff. As a key part of the Community of Practice for the independent care sector within Nottingham and Nottinghamshire, Lisa helped with organising events and with the delivery of shared knowledge and support for those working alongside the sector.

Infection prevention has always been a focus for Lisa's work and she was awarded the Outstanding Achievement Award in 2019 for Nottinghamshire Healthcare’s infection prevention link practitioners. From attending the Infection Prevention Society’s (IPS) Trent Branch Darling Bugs of May conference in 2018 Lisa became a member of the IPS and have actively participated in local meetings and special interest groups. She currently act as the Communications Officer for the IPS Care Home Special Interest Group, and is the Deputy Education Officer IPS Trent branch. In January 2021 Lisa started her current role with the Infection Prevention and Control team at Nottingham and Nottinghamshire CCG, with a focus on management of outbreaks in the care home setting.

Lisa is currently working towards a BSc in Frailty and is passionate to be able to share knowledge of why people with frailty are at a high risk of deterioration, adverse reactions and premature mortality due to stressor events such as infections.