Awards and Grants

Awards and Grants

Members of IPS are eligible to apply for a variety of awards and grants.  These awards can be to help further education and development or to recognise particular achievements. 

Brendan Moore Award


Brendan Moore was an epidemiologist who had the insight to appoint the first infection control nurse in 1959.  Dr Moore was instrumental in the first Infection Control Nurses Association (ICNA) conference in 1970 and the first ICNA President.


The Brendan Moore award is bestowed on an individual who, in the opinion of the IPS Consultative Committee, meets the criteria laid down 


  • The person is a current member of the Society 
  • The person has made a significant contribution to furthering the aims and goals of the organisation 
  • The person has made this contribution while in an official position or closely involved with the work of the Society 
  • The person cannot be a current Trustee or Management Executive Group (MEG) member of the Society


Any member of the MEG or Consultative Committee may nominate an individual member of the Society for the award. One award may be made annually at the discretion of the Consultative Committee.

For a 2022 nomination form please click here. 

For a copy of the full criteria please click here.


The nominator is responsible for submitting a nomination to the Honorary Secretary by the 11th February 2022 for consideration at the subsequent Consultative Committee (CC) meeting.

2020 & 2021 Winners

Peter Hoffman (2020)

Carole Hallam (2021)

Honorary Membership Award


The award for an honorary membership entitles the recipient to life-long membership of the Society at no cost to the individual.  This level of membership is equivalent to a full member.


Honorary Membership is awarded to an individual who, in the opinion of the IPS Management Executive Committee, meets the criteria to be honoured with this prestigious category of membership 


  • Has carried out a significant role/roles on a voluntary basis for the benefit of the whole membership 
  • Made a significant contribution to furthering the aims and goals of the Society 
  • Has furthered the aims and goals of the organisation through significant input to national groups and committees on behalf of the Society over the course of their career. 


Any branch, committee or individual may nominate an individual for honorary membership who meets the criteria as laid out above.  Unless there are exceptional circumstances, no more than two awards will be made each year.

For a 2022 nomination form please click here 

For a copy of the full criteria please click here.


The nominator is responsible for submitting a nomination to the Honorary Secretary by the 11th February 2022 for consideration at the next MEG meeting.

2021 Winners

Congratulations to our 2021 winners, Carole Hallam and Elaine Overton.

IPS Research/Quality Improvement Project (QIP) Grants 2022/2023

The IPS R&D Committee are delighted to announce the re-launch of the Research/Quality Improvement Project (QIP) Grants 2022/2023.

The Grants play a pivotal role in the realisation of three key elements of the IPS Research Strategy to:

  • generate high quality research and quality improvement projects (QIP) for practice;
  • engage in collaborative research with academic and clinical partners;
  • develop research and QIP capability and capacity among its members;

The aim of IPS Research Grants is to support high quality practice-based research and QIPs within the field of infection prevention and control (IPC).  A pool of up to £11,000 per annum is available to the IPS R&D committee to support small research grants.  Applications are encouraged from Infection Prevention Society members at all career stages, ‘novice’ (includes undergraduate and MSc students) researchers without previous experience may apply provided an experienced research supervisor is named in the application.

Applications must be submitted to Fitwise by midday 31st March 2022. A second date 31st October 2022 will be considered in the event the Research Grant is not fully subscribed. Applications received after this deadline will not be considered. 

Applicants should send a signed electronic copy of the application to Lynne Duncan, PA to the IPS Board

The IPS is delighted to announce the 2021 Award winners are:

The Brendan Moore Award 2021: Carole Hallam

The Brendan Moore Award 2020: Peter Hoffman

IPS Team of the Year sponsored by GOJO Industries – Europe Ltd: Wirral Care Home Improvement Project, Wirral Community Health and Care NHS Foundation Trust

IPS Practitioner of the Year: Dr Andrea Denton

IPS Link Practitioner of the Year: Sgt Emma Foley

IPS Branch/Special Interest Group of the Year: IPS Care Home Special Interest Group

IPS Honorary Membership: Elaine Overton

IPS Honorary Membership: Carole Hallam

IPS Honorary Membership: Phil Pugh

Best Oral Presentation: Melanie Hudson, Infection Prevention & Control Nurse Specialist, LTHT "Burkholderia Aenigmatica: Finding the source - Making a change"

Best Poster Presentation: Samantha Weston & Joanne Withers, Midlands Partnership Foundation Trust "I can see clearly now… Presenting PPE guidance in a visual format"

Best Large Exhibition Stand: GAMA Healthcare

Best Medium Exhibition Stand: Guest Medical LTD

Best Small Exhibition Stand: Army Medical Services Reserve

Best Exhibition Newcomer:
Ineos Hygienics

For more information on each of our winners and shortlisted candidates, please CLICK HERE 

Congratulations to all our shortlisted candidates and, of course, to our 2021 winners!

Thank you to those who nominated colleagues and participated in the judging process. Finally thank you to GOJO Industries – Europe Ltd  for supporting the Team of the Year Award.

Nominations for the Infection Prevention Society 2022 Awards will open early next year

Educational Grants for IPS Members Undertaking Specialist Courses in IPC

Where funds allow IPS aims to fund 5 grants  per year of up to £1500 pa for up to 2 years. This amount must be matched by the applicant or the applicant’s employer. A further year (year 3) may also be funded of up to £1000pa. Again this must be matched by the applicant/applicant’s employer. Applications will be yearly in Jan/Feb time with decisions in May/June. The award is open to full members only. 

There is no funding currently available for 2022 - please check for updates or email