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Commissioning Toolkit (Second Edition), Published January 2016 RCN_and_IPS_Toolkit_infection_prevention_Front_Cover.jpg

The Infection Prevention Society (IPS), in partnership with the Royal College of Nursing (RCN) has launched a revised Infection Prevention and Control Commissioning Toolkit.  The development and use of the toolkit is supported by NHS England and provides a series of indicators that can be used by Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs) and regulators to focus on preventing healthcare associated infections (HAI) in healthcare settings. Developed by members of the IPS Commissioning Group and RCN, the toolkit highlights the importance of preventing and controlling healthcare infection in general and specifically pneumonia, urinary tract infections and sepsis.  A press statement is also available.





Commissioning Briefing Paper - February 2015

With the RCN, IPS has jointly developed a briefing paper highlighting concerns over the impact of fragmentation with infection prevention and control arrangements within the health service in England.  The paper points to the complexity that now exists within the health service and the on-going impact of this. Restructuring of NHS services and the transfer of responsibilities following the Health and Social Care Act 2012 has resulted in the loss of some specialist infection control expertise and a lack of central oversight of the situation as the threat of antimicrobial resistance increases. A press statement is also available.

The coordinator of the IPS Commissioning Special Interest Group is Sarah Turner -

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