IPS Speaker Angie McClaren

Angie McClaren

Program manager, Transformation Team, University Southampton NHS Foundation Trust (UHS). 

I am a Program manager within the transformation team at the University Southampton NHS Foundation Trust (UHS). I am registered nurse and have 38 years of NHS experience from staff nurse to head of nursing. I have always been involved in quality improvement projects throughout my career from small process changes to larger IT projects.

I am passionate that quality improvement is driven through the delivery of excellent patient experience, care and safety and I believe in the development of a culture of continuous improvement and high values to support this.

My passion for transformation has enabled me to motivate others to deliver transformational change. I have led improvements in the delivery of inpatient pathways through “No delays” and the use of patient status at a glance boards within the clinical areas, the implementation of UHS operational standards, electronic referrals for diagnostics and specialist referrals, simple discharge, ward rounds that INSPIRE, SAFER and inpatient flow projects.

Currently I am working with teams across our trust coaching and supporting local change using QI methodology, tools and techniques to deliver high quality outcomes for patients and supporting a culture of quality change owned by those working in that area